Woman and Grapes

History interprets that medieval man chose his wife,based on her tastes to fruits
Modern sexologists learned and systematized the popular wisdom. The conclusion that they made of their work is unique. Relationship between the nature of a woman and her preference for certain fruits – exists.
If a woman cannot live without apples, she is not very romantic. But she is reliable and firm in her convictions, as the fruit.
Ladies, who conquering men with their modesty and mystery, prefer oranges. These women always go into the shade of embarrassment and jokes and hide their creative nature. They are intelligent.
Smart girl, lovers of glamour, adores strawberries. They are always in sight. They like to emphasize their position. They are accompanied by a special charm.

Fans of pears are very enticing. They are surrounded by the aura of irresistibility. They want to be coddled. They want to be constantly admired.
Gentle creatures that are afraid of loneliness, rushing in search of romance, always strive for pleasure – prefer grapes.
Men’s fruit tastes are diverse too. But their love of whatever fruit is somewhat different from women’s.

A man, who loves pineapple, loves women. The person, who can appreciate the diversity of exotic tastes, is able to deliver you a lot of exotic pleasures. But keep in mind that the “diversity” involves many complexes, unbalanced and endless affairs on the side.
A man who loves oranges is the perfect man. He is able to deliver a combination of unforgettable pleasure, a lot of exhilarating sensations. In this case you will not find any reason to convict him of infidelity.

Fans of peaches are careful. They choose their partner for a long time. Doubt and suspicion can bring them disappointment and even humiliate them, but they are ready for all kinds of experiments.
If you need a husband, who is constant throughout; conservative in his views on family life, man, who is sure of himself. A man who will not coddled you, but he will never cheat on you – look for a lover of apples.
So, choosing a partner for life, take a chance to watch his passion for fruit. Perhaps this will help avoid a fatal error, or to find the very soul mate.

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