Who tried to improve the human breed?

Already today, technologies allow future parents to eliminate genes that will lead to serious and fatal diseases in the child. Out of 5-10 fertilized eggs in a test tube to choose a healthy embryo and carry it to their mother. Thus, a woman can avoid the birth of a child with Down syndrome or such hereditary diseases as Fanconi’s anemia, cystic fibrosis, etc.

But such “medical service” is nothing else but eugenics – selection of a person to improve his hereditary qualities!
Eugenics was very popular in the first decades of the XX century. Then forced sterilization of “inferior” people was carried out even in such liberal countries as the USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark. For example, in Sweden 60 thousand people were sterilized in half a century of the state program.
The risk groups that spoil the gene pool of the nation included the mentally ill (sometimes the doctor made a decision only on the basis of the fact that the schoolchild did not study well and did not remember the material well), children born in inter-ethnic marriages, and beggars.

The Third Reich has finally discredited eugenics. The desire to bring out the “ideal man” has since become associated with racial hygiene and Nazi human experimentation. It is not by chance that the “Convention on Bio-medicine and Human Rights” first refers to the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” adopted by the United Nations in December 1948, after the war.

Who tried to improve the human breed?

Ancient Sparta
Children born with physical abnormalities were thrown alive into the abyss by the decision of the elders. However, some historians dispute the existence of such a cruel tradition among Spartans.

Francis Galton
This Englishman (1822-1911) is considered to be the founder of eugenics, the doctrine of human selection in order to improve the hereditary qualities of future generations. He opened a laboratory where he collected data about visitors such as handspan, height, weight, reaction rate. According to Galton, eugenics confirmed the right of the Anglo-Saxon race to world domination.

USA, North Carolina
At the beginning of the 20th century, in a number of countries, Galton’s ideas established themselves as state programmes. Sterilization was carried out on the poor and mentally ill. The United States was particularly successful in this. Thus, in North Carolina automatically castrated people whose Ratio of intellect did not exceed 70. And sterilization among the poor was even financially encouraged: a person was paid $200 per month for it.

Nazi Germany
In the Third Reich, the state program “to prevent the degeneration of the German people as a representative of the Aryan race” was in effect. There was a “Lebensborn” organization – it trained young ” race-pure ” mothers to bring up Aryan babies. In addition, in Germany, all “inferior persons” were subject to forced sterilization.

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