While a person dances he doesn’t get old

To slide to the music of a waltz or to give a rhythm of tango is not only beautiful but also useful for health.

From runny nose and depression.

They say that as long as a man dances, he doesn’t get old. There is some truth in this statement because dancing has the most beneficial effect on the body. Let’s see what a waltz or tango can do.

They improve the work of the heart. When you dance, the pulse accelerates, the vessels expand, the blood is saturated with oxygen, so the dance can be considered a good cardio training.

It helps to lose weight. To achieve your desired goal (e.g. weight loss), you need to study 5-6 times a week from half an hour to an hour. And then the result is guaranteed!

Developing coordination of movements. Dancers don’t have problems with their bodies. They are not clumsy or sloppy. Any dancer feels great in the crowd because he knows how to move around in it, not causing others any inconvenience. He will not step on the person’s foot, even by accident, because the experience of working in a couple makes itself felt.

They strengthen the respiratory system. Professionals rarely see a doctor with colds like bronchitis or runny nose. It is known that people with asthma attacks are recommended to attend dance classes.

Correct posture and gait. Ballroom dancing puts pressure on the muscles of the back, so the posture is corrected, and the spine is gradually leveled. And as a bonus – a beautiful gait, the elegance of movements, as formed the ability to maintain a fixed position throughout the dance.

Save from depression. In the process of training the dancer usually feels only positive emotions, he forgets all his problems, distracted from the daily routine. He seems to dissolve in the dance – he trains his body but relaxes the soul. It is a kind of relaxation, which helps to find harmony. In addition, ballroom dancing is traditionally performed in pairs, and communication with a partner is a great way to get rid of loneliness.

Age isn’t an obstacle?

You can do ballroom dancing at any age. But people with health problems need to consult their doctor before attending classes. Particularly careful should be people who have disorders in the cardiovascular system (hypertension, angina), diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (ulcer), liver (hepatitis), suffers from varicosity and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

But injuries during dancing are not too frequent among non-professionals. However, they do happen, so to avoid problems, you need to follow a few simple rules.

For ballroom dancing, soft, leather shoes are purchased with a breathable surface, with a thin sole made of leather or suede and with a short supinator. All these qualities are necessary to ensure the correct operation of the foot, for smoothness and flexibility of movements. However, there are also peculiarities: if men do not have any questions when choosing a dance shoe. Women often have them: depending on the height of the partner’s heel changes. Inconsistency in the growth of partners can cause distortion of the spine. The ideal difference in height between a partner and a partner is 10-15 centimeters.

Beginner’s Tips

Everyone can come to ballroom dancing classes regardless of their level of physical fitness, the main thing is to want to learn to dance.

Start by choosing a teacher or dance group, where they can recommend how best to conduct classes: in the group or take individual lessons.

It is not necessary to look for a partner. The uniqueness of ballroom dancing is that amateurs can dance solo. A couple of dancing is required only for professionals.

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