What’s the risk of obesity for a child?

Childhood obesity: Why is the child getting fat?
Why do kids get fat and what’s the risk of obesity?

Where do you get the extra pounds from?

What is the measure of their child’s health for loving parents? That’s right, a good appetite.
Until the 21st century, there was no high-calorie or low-cost fast food. It is naive to think that children get it only in fast food restaurants. Many families have not cooked food for a long time – they buy ready-to-cook products stuffed with taste enhancers, which only fuel their appetite.

By the way, school meals, which parents like to blame for all sins, may not always be tasty. And it is not school lunches that harm children, but what our children buy instead – hamburgers, chips, and sodas.

Indeed, sometimes excess weight is associated with genetic diseases when the child has no stop-signal in his diet. But such cases are less than 1%. The reason for overweight in the other cases is family eating habits, lack of nutrition culture and hereditary predisposition. If one of the parents is fat, in 30% of cases the child will reach the same size. When both parents are overweight, the child’s probability of obesity is as high as 60%. But even this situation is not fatal. The specificity of these genes is that they are well adjusted by physical activity.

In Russia and the US, obesity is a problem for low-income families, while in China obesity is a problem for rich families. The American Association of Psychologists blames the obesity epidemic on advertising, which draws children’s attention to sweets and fast food.

What’s the threat of obesity?

Overweight is both an aesthetic problem (stretch marks, fat folds on the young body, eels) and a psychological problem (the child begins to be embarrassed about his appearance). But it is also huge pressure on all systems of the body.

In terms of endocrinology, obesity is a risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. If it caught up with a child under the age of 18, his life expectancy is unlikely to exceed 50 years.

Boys have delayed sexual development. Girls, on the contrary, it accelerates, and in the future may develop polycystic ovaries. Obesity is a chronic fatty liver dystrophy – hepatosis, which can lead to cirrhosis. During the period of active growth, when bone tissue is not yet formed, due to excess weight, problems with the joints and the spine begins. Obesity is also apnea syndrome, i.e. sleep apnea, early atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease – and all of these diseases “due to” obesity significantly younger.

How to calculate the excess weight

Overweight in children and adolescents is determined by means of special height/weight matching tables – separately for boys and for girls. If you are overweight, the pediatrician will help you to adjust your weight through exercise and diet, and obesity requires serious observation by an endocrinologist and a dietitian.

If a child is engaged in sports, a simple determination of body weight is not suitable for him/her, the overestimated data may be due to muscle mass. This method is not suitable for children with height deficits either. Then the excess weight is determined by the thickness of the folds.

Now there is a new study that reveals the percentage of muscle, fat and bone tissue. The child gets up on a device that resembles a scale, is introduced its height, weight, and the device gives the exact result.


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