What’s the danger of an eight-hour sleep

It has always been tacitly believed that the 8-hour sleep is good for the body and an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Now the doctors assure: it is not so! It turns out that sleep from 8 hours and longer can cause the same harm as sleeplessness. What is dangerous 8-hour sleep, and how many hours a day you need to sleep to feel great.

How much sleep do you need?

Doctors have come to the conclusion that 7-7.5 hours of healthy sleep a day is enough for a person to feel good. Moreover, an 8-hour sleep, which has always been considered optimal, can be harmful to the body. This statement was made by a study of men and women of all ages. The subjects only had to record information about their well-being in the morning and during the day. People who slept 8 hours a day or more were more likely to complain about headaches, concentration and memory problems than those who slept 7-7.5 hours a day. In addition, scientists found a direct link between long sleep and early death.
“Long sleep has a negative effect on the psychic as a whole. When a person sleeps for a long time, he or she starts to disturb the routine and cannot stop. Often we do not sleep well when we have to get up early to work. In order to compensate for the lack of sleep at the weekend, we allow ourselves to stay awake longer and sleep for 10-12 hours instead of 8 hours. And after that, a new working week, a new sleeplessness. This is a vicious circle. This mode kills all activity in a person. To achieve harmony, one should not allow such a difference in sleep time on weekdays and weekends.

From depression to obesity
According to the specialist, sleeping for 8 hours or more can not only affect a person’s physical strength, but also lead to much more serious health problems. These include depression, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Even if a person sleeps for 8 hours and eats properly and does sports, the risk of overweight is 20% higher than that of those who sleep for 7.-7.5 hours,” says the doubter. – After all, the process of metabolism is disturbed, and changes occur in the body. And the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by as much as 40%: long hours spent in bed, reduce muscle tone. Don’t forget that the heart is a muscular organ.

The expert’s point is: An 8-hour and longer sleep is only good for children – growing up body. Sleep deprivation is also harmful to the body: sleep for less than 7 hours negatively affects health and causes mental disorders.
What to do if the dense daily routine does not allow you to sleep at night? You need to sleep in a two-phase sleep. This measure has been proven to be effective,” says the doubter. – For example, if you have only 6 hours to sleep, set the alarm clock to wake up in 5 hours. Get up, drink water and go back to bed. And if the first phase of sleep is deep and strong, the second phase is the phase of light sleep. After this hour’s rest you will get up awake and fresh, as if you were sleeping not 6 hours, but 8″.

Sleep well

Sometimes, even with great fatigue, a person can not sleep for several hours and turns around in bed for a long time, and in the morning feels completely broken. At the same time, experts believe that ideally it is necessary to fall asleep in 15 minutes. To quickly fall asleep and count sheep do not reach 10 thousand, in any case do not smoke before bedtime, do not drink refreshing drinks and ventilate the room well.

At 11 p.m.  go to bed, fall asleep in 15-20 minutes, and at 7 a.m.  wake up – usually even without an alarm clock – and feel full of energy. – So  sleep for about 7.5 hours. At the weekend  keep the same daily routine. That’s why advice is, “Don’t sleep too long, but correct, and you’ll be healthy!

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