What leads a man to dementia

Loss of sense of humor is the first sign of the beginning of dementia, called marasmus. You can come to it in different ways, but everyone has one thing in common – all children are equal in their abilities. Harmoniously developed personality is the person who combines intellectual activity with physical activity in order not to form stagnant centers of excitation of the brain.

Formation of new neural connections of the brain is based on experience, knowledge, impressions. The more impressions, the more books a child reads, the more he or she is taken somewhere, naturally, the more opportunities to develop new connections. That is, from birth there is no stupid  (except for a number of known pathologies). So it is wrong to justify the fact that the child did not materialize by “being born this way”. In any case, parents should have a presumption of their child’s abilities.

– There is much talk today about the benefits for the brain of intellectual activity. Does physical activity play a role?

– From the point of view of the brain, there is no big difference between physical and intellectual activity. Both are just a flow of impulses. Yes, intellectual activity stimulates the work of some areas of the brain, and physical activity stimulates the work of others, but in general, both are necessary. It is necessary to make the whole brain work. Those who limit their activity only to intellectual activity risk the fact that they form a constant source of excitement in the areas responsible for this activity. On the other hand, they lose noncerebral factors, i.e. factors not related to the brain, and their level of training decreases. Which is very bad, because the amount of activity of the cardiovascular system is lost. In other words, a person with a good, bright head can simply die of a heart attack.

Those who engage only in physical activity also use only one area of the brain, preventing the activity of the other, responsible for processing other signals, from other systems that call for the work of the brain areas responsible for memories, for the experience. There is another problem here. Being engaged only in physical labor, in fact, a person goes straight to early aging, intellectual decrepitude.

Can I overload my brain?

Yes, you can. Anything intellectual or physical loads must be dosed, and there must be switching from one activity to another. Harmoniously developed personality is the person who alternates intellectual activity with physical activity in order not to form stagnant centers of excitation of the brain. These stagnant centers, repetitive monotonous processes lead to fatigue, exhaustion, to protective inhibition, which can be realized in depression, and emotional decline. In short, we are talking about the fact that there should be no monotonous long-term overloads. Anyone, everything should be harmonious.

There is an opinion that smoking, for example, stimulates brain function, as well as a glass of good wine. Is that so?

– No, no, no, no smoking, no red wine has anything to do with brain activity. They are related to the effects on the cardiovascular system. And the brain reacts to any irritant factor. But the most physiological annoying factor is the intellectual load. Nicotine is a private case, alcohol is a private case. This also stimulates the brain, but they do it in an unhealthy way. This creates a peak situation of sharp activation, which is not physiological and, therefore, unstable.

A healthy lifestyle is still the protection and maintenance of blood vessels from the formation of atherosclerosis, from their accelerated aging. But all this does not save the active life of the brain.

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