What is marble beef?

Marble beef is the meat of certain breeds of steers and pigs, fattened by a special method. The fibers of such meat have thin white fat layers that resemble a marble pattern. During the cooking process, the fatty layers are melted, which makes the meat soft and tender.

What does “marbling” meat depend on?

“Marbling” is achieved only by feeding the animal with grain and in certain conditions. The grain diet includes corn or barley and lasts about 200-300 days. During this period the animals are in the stalls and do not move much, so that fat layers are formed in their muscle tissue. The taste of the meat depends on the number of such white layers. The more they are, the gentler the steak.

There are three degrees of “marbling”: select (marble beef), choice (selected meat) and premium (the highest grade).

Marble meat is considered to be a delicacy and the demand for it increases every year. It is possible to get such a product only from animals of special breeds and as a result of special fattening. Some producers, in addition to a special diet, soldering animals with milk or beer, as well as making them a special vibromassage to music.

Which animals can be used to make marble meat?

The term “marble meat” is most often used to refer to beef. This type of meat is obtained from cattle of different meat breeds, which are grown in  USA, Australia, Japan, France, Argentina, Chile and other countries. Initially, marble beef was produced only in Japan from the meat of young bulls of special breed of todzima or wagyu cows. Today, the best marble beef breeds are Angus, Gereford, Murray Grey, Short Horn, Wagyu, as well as dairy breeds such as Jersey, Holstein-Friesian and Braunwieh.

Is there any marble pork?

Marble pork is called pork, but only of certain breeds (Tokuo-X, Hungarian Mangalitsa, Duroc) and provided that the appropriate technology of keeping and feeding the animals was observed before slaughter.

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