What do Men and Women Dream About?

All people have erotic fantasies, someone more, and someone less,some are trying to suppress them in the bud, the other enjoy by their power of imagination. Is it worth to put into reality their wildest dreams – this delicate issue can cause a lovers’ quarrel or break a romantic relationship. The fact that men’s sexual imagination does not look like women.
Fantasizing about sex, a female can invent fantastic situations,for example, feel herself life the daughter of the Sultan, captured by pirates. Naturally, such a scenario is physically unable to be implemented. Generally, women clearly separate fantasy from reality and do not want to move that line in real life.Women often present themselves as rapist’s victims, and they do not want to feel the pain and humiliation in reality.

In general, women do not like to open their secret fantasies to her lover. First, out of the goodness of their heart, they are afraid to hurt their partner, as if he had not decided “I was not able to satisfy her”. It is already easier to control fantasy than a living person – it will start
and end at exactly the moment when the woman wants. Most women’s fantasies are harmless; the ladies can enjoy the intimacy better with its help, to avoid unwanted consequences of sexual experimentation. However, if a girl opens up in front of her friend and reveal to him the inner intimate dreams, she is likely to hit a wall of misunderstanding, because men are looking at this kind of fantasy quite differently.

Men’s sexual fantasies – it’s not a romantic imagination, a hero in unusual circumstances; the man wants to try something new in a familiar reality, or at least the real world. In his fantasies men are often trying out new sexual techniques that were not possible yet to implement.
As a rule, the man is in no hurry to offer his beloved to put into practice the fruits of his vicious imagination and rightly so. Women of male erotic fantasy devoid of feelings, they sigh and cry in exactly those places where it is intended by man. While his erotic inventions may seem shocking to his living girlfriend, in that case, a man risks to offend her only by one proposal to do something outside the scope of the traditional sex.

Many couples, who risked invite in their bed the third party, thus amassed a bunch of unnecessary problems, up to the separation.
Human emotions such as jealousy, embarrassment, disbelief is difficult to tame, even if the participants agreed on sexual experiment voluntarily.What about the cases where one partner is persuading the other to experience, which is clearly not pleasant to her/him or can cause pain,this situation shows that this pair has no real mutual understanding. People, who are not afraid of sexual experimentation, should be aware of safe sex. If partners are not yet familiar so well, they need at least to avoid situations in which there is likely to be no possibility to call for help. Hardly could a caring partner scare unnecessary fears, and if the person does not represent a proper understanding, sex games with him can be risky.

A person making a serious mistake if agrees to take part in the erotic sadomasochistic lover’s games, and he/she does not want it passionately. Interference between the partners on the basis of sexual fantasies say that this couple has more serious problems. People who really cherish each other will not embody sexual fantasies that are unacceptable to the other.

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