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  1. Fernando says:

    I think it is also important to let go of the beilef that a slim figure is the only correct type of figure to have. The slim body type has been marketed by the media in order to support the weight loss industry in western culture. If we look at other cultures, and other times throughout history, the curvier body types were also celebrated as totally feminine and beautiful.I stopped dieting about 5 years ago, after having dieted since the age of 14, because I, like Carmela, was gaining weight even when I dieted. I figured I may as well enjoy my life. Since then, I’ve still remained curvy, but I’ve learned to see beyond our culture’s stereotyping to see the feminine beauty in my curves.I’m enjoying your videos, Carmela, especially that you are helping women heal their relationship with food and exercise.Maya ZahiraOwner, Maya’s OasisKansas City, MO

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