Vegetarian myths and the rejection of meat

Nowadays, many people consciously refuse to eat meat. The reasons for such a serious step are different: some people hope to improve their health or lose weight in this way, while others simply feel sorry for the animals. Can some foods replace meat, and what happens if vegetables form the basis of the diet?

How can I replace meat?

The fact that giving up meat will help to get rid of excess weight is just a myth invented by vegetarians. By excluding meat from the diet, a person will have to eat much more food to feel full. Do not forget that some fruits and vegetables – potatoes, carrots, peaches, plums – have a high content of sugar and carbohydrates, which can damage the figure. So don’t think you’ll lose weight by not eating meat and eating more plant foods and dairy products. On the contrary, you’re even at risk of gaining extra weight.
However, it is not only inefficient to play sports without including meat in the diet but also harmful to health. Not getting trace elements, which are contained only in the meat of animals and birds, you can not withstand serious physical activity. Those who go to the gym or fitness center need protein food. Protein which is contained in eggs, soybeans, legumes, will not replace a protein of an animal origin. You’ll just get weaker every day.

From hair loss to muscle atrophy

According to the nutritionist, the vegetarian menu will never become balanced and complete, because it will always be short of meat. Switching to plant foods leads to shortages of calcium, iron and B vitamins in the body. This leads to an overall loss of strength, reduced immunity, low hemoglobin, and anemia. Diagnoses can be listed for a long time. If you stop eating meat, you will get sicker more often and be treated longer. You will have a worsened concentration of attention, the quality of the brain will fall. Some patients realized that it’s time to return the meat to the diet only after he started fainting due to progressive anemia. Better late than never!

Anemia, which is caused by a lack of vitamin B12 in the body, is only half the trouble. Even muscle atrophy can develop against this background. It is also associated with the deterioration of nails, loss of hair and changed the perception of tastes and smells. The products that you have always loved may seem bitter and tasteless to you.

Without calcium in the meat, teeth and bones will start to hurt. Without zinc, many vitamins will simply not be absorbed which derived from other products. As a consequence – there comes a deterioration of health, the body ceases to receive vital elements.

Choice of everyone

The doctor warns: even if you decide to give up meat for some reason, you should not transfer your eating habits to children. Parents somehow consider themselves smarter than doctors and think that if a child has never eaten meat, he does not need it. But if the growing body does not get vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, iodine together with the meat, it may cause problems with its growth. Bones will become brittle, the brain will develop much slower, the child will be weaker. Up to a certain age, the body does not produce protein. That is, if you stop feeding your children meat, you will ruin them with your own hands.
Of course, eating meat or not is everyone’s personal choice. Someone goes further and becomes a vegan and a raw eater, but everyone should know about the negative consequences that can lead to his choice. Nature has laid down such a way that a person should eat meat. They may not be every day, but meat products should be present in the diet. This is the only way you can get all the vitamins and trace elements you need, feel good about yourself and look healthy. No doctor will tell you about the benefits of vegetarianism. Remember this and enjoy a delicious meal!

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