Top 10 Facts about Men

Some of them are already familiar to you, others – not yet. Learn more interesting facts about our favorite, funny and wonderful men.

1. Most men have sexual relationships with a 4 – 6 girls before marriage. So that their stories about wild bachelor life – no more than a fiction.

2. For more than half of boys beautiful woman’s face is more important than a perfect figure.

3. One-third of men do not delete the phone number of ex-girls, to have someone to call when he wants to pour out the soul or have sex.

4. Most single men of 27 years in Europe live under the “parental wing”.

5. Everyone knows that men are terribly afraid of becoming impotent. In the second place, it sounds strange, fear of being bald.

6. 96% of men dream about a non-smoking girl.

7. The average man eats 3 kg of lipstick for his whole life. From women’s lips, of course.

8. 80% of men are so afraid to go to the doctors that they postpone these visits to the last moment.

9. 30% of men who assisted in childbirth of their wives, had problems with erection, which lasted from two months to several years.

10. Most visitors of the online stores of women’s underwear – men.

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