The United Nations Commission Proposes to Legalize Marijuana

The United Nations Commission proposes to legalize marijuana

Some soft drugs Widespread legalization – such as marijuana – in conjunction with the termination of the criminal prosecution of victims of drug abuse will bring greater effect than the global war against drugs, which ,in fact, already has been lost, and though more expensive. This is the main conclusion of the report of the UN Commission authority (Global Commission on Drug Policy). The commission includes former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of NATO, Javier Solana, former presidents of Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou.

“World war against drug was lost” – is clearly stated in the report. “Our minimum goal – to persuade the United States to discuss the issue in its entirety and not to persist in the policy that has exhausted itself, – declared the member of the commission, former Colombian President Cesar Gaviria. – Mexico and Colombia have to get the U.S. to enter the debate. We can not accept as an excuse to silence this issue in the U.S. election cycle. ”

The main thesis of the report – the approach to the global fight against drugs, based on the criminalization of drug trafficking and drug abuse in the spirit of the UN Single Convention on drugs of 1961 – is out of date and has proved to be ineffective: failed to reduce either production or consumption. Consumption of opium substances in the world increased from 1998 to 2008 by 35%, cocaine – 27% and marijuana – by 8.5%. The UN estimates that 250 million people in the world use illegal drugs. “It is inconceivable to consider them all as criminals” – say the report’s authors. – Prosecution and imprisonment of “tens of millions” of grassroots producers, couriers, and drug dealers does not eliminate the cause of the economic drug, but the partial legalization of soft drugs in Australia and Portugal has not led to an increase in their use “.

“End the criminalization, social isolation and condemnation of people who use drugs but do no harm others. Encourage governments experimentation of controlling  drug use by law, whose purpose is to undermine the power of organized crime, and protect human health “, – the report says.

The Commission particularly harshly criticized the U.S., saying that the U.S. government should abandon the criminalization of this sector in favor of a strategy of humanity and respect for human rights. “We can no longer close eyes to the fact the extent to which drug trafficking, racketeering and corruption in Latin America related to the” war on drug trafficking “in the United States,” – said Gaviria, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal. Last year, Brazil had to send 20,000 soldiers to the cleaning of Rio de Janeiro from drug traffickers, and in Mexico since 2006, in the disassembly of the drug mafia killed 40 000 people; in U.S. prisons for drug use stay 600,000 people at taxpayer expense, reminds newspaper.

Head of the profile Department in the White House Gil Kerlikowske rejected the findings of the report and the representative for the Department of National Policy on Drugs Rafael Lemaitre said: “Drug addiction – a disease that can be successfully prevented and cured.” According to him, the U.S. policy in the area drug control is balanced and brings some success – and in any case, “if we legalize drugs, as proposed in the report, it will not make the population healthier, and the city – safer.”

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