The caffeine is recognized as the best way to burn fat

Nutritionists have found caffeine to be the best way to burn fat, but….

According to experts, caffeine activates metabolic processes in the body and prevents subcutaneous fat from being deposited. However, scientists note that caffeine contained in coffee is almost not absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is recommended to use food additives containing caffeine. Experts also remind that caffeine is contraindicated for people with heart disease.
The second place in terms of fat burning characteristics was taken by green tea. Leaves contain large amounts of caffeine and catechin, which acts as an antioxidant. Regular consumption of green tea stimulates the metabolism of the body, which helps to actively remove fats from it. Dieticians note that you need to drink about 5 cups of green tea daily.

Also, gradual weight loss is promoted by citrus fruits, especially grapefruit. It contains a lot of naringin flavonoids that activate the breakdown of fats. Experts advise not to clean the grapefruit from the bitter film, which is located between the slices, as it contains the largest amount of naringin.

Get rid of excess fat deposits also helps well protein. It includes carnitine, which “makes” the body process subcutaneous fat to produce energy. In addition, the protein helps to increase muscle mass, which does not allow the formation of extra pounds.

Dietitians note that fat in the body is burned slowly, but the effect remains for a long time.

Consumption of regular coffee can help to get rid of extra pounds, Queensland specialists are sure.
Based on the results of the initial tests, it turned out that coffee actually works, reducing weight.

The volunteers who participated in the experiment used regular coffee, decaf or caffeine tablets for breakfast. Scientists watched closely for the appetite of individuals until lunchtime.

How many cups of coffee can I drink a day?

When participants drank coffee with caffeine, their appetite was muted. Lower appetite affected the amount of food consumed, which also decreased accordingly. In contrast, a decaf tablet or decaf coffee did not have this effect.

The pros and cons of coffee: invigorates, heals and maims.

The study of the effect of coffee on appetite continues, notes the source. Coffee has incredible effects – it increases life expectancy, reduces the risk of diabetes and stroke, as well as some types of cancer.

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