TEST: Will you be friends with the child?

Will you be able to be a friend with your child when he becomes a teenager?

Psychologists state that the baby is only yours until the age of 3, half yours – until the age of 7, and is a stranger from the age of 11. The teenager’s main authorities are his peers – parents at first go into the background, and then may turn out to be in the role of “source of food”. However, some adults manage to keep warmth and frankness in their relationship with children. Will you be one of them?

The test will help to answer this question.

1. Evaluate the sociability of your child.

a) Excessive – 0 points.
b) Average – 4 points.
c) Electoral – 10 points.
d) Low – 7 points.

2. Do you think your child…

a) Free in communication, without complexes – 0 points.
b) Shy and timid – 7 points.
c) Closed and excluded from society – 5 points.
d) Can assess the situation and behave according to the circumstances – 10 points.

3. What books did you read to him in his early childhood?

a) classics books for children, folklore – 10 points.
b) Books of famous writers of the last century – 4 points.
c) Modern children’s literature – 2 points.
d) He only watched TV – 0 points.

4. Will you say that the child has no secrets from you?

a) Yes – 3 points.
b) It is quite possible – 6 points.
c) Hardly 10 points.
d) He was always hidden – 0 points.

5. Are there activities for which the child is willing to spend leisure time with you, not with friends?

a) Yes, and not one – 10 points.
b) He is not allowed to spend leisure time with friends – 0 points.
c) We can make a child spend their leisure time with us, but it is boring for a child – 3 points.
d) No – 1 point.

6. Does the child look like you?

a) Copy of Mom and Dad – 2 points.
b) We have a lot in common, but we also have a lot of differences – 10 points.
c) He is still a separate person – 8 points.
d) The difference is so different that it is as if he is not a native person – 0 points.

Calculate the points you have received and you will know the prognosis of your relationship.

From 60 to 49 points. Soul affinity in your relationship with your child seems to have been your primary goal. And there are good chances to keep it. Be sensitive, tolerant and modern, but always maintain leadership.

48 to 28 points. Your relationship with your child can be described as a friendly relationship. They like you, but you are too much on an equal footing. Try to master some hobbies, which today are in the trend and – it is a prerequisite! – are good for your health. Remember: children want to be proud of their fashionable, successful, beautiful parents.

From 27 to 15 points. It seems that you do not always take your child seriously. In vain. When a child sees that the events of his life are not interesting to the closest people, he begins to look for warmth and attention to his person in another place, probably from friends. And he will imitate his friends, and his upbringing will assimilate the yard, not the family, and his values will not be yours. Be more attentive to your child.

14 points and less. Most likely, contact with your child is lost. Was it because of your authoritarianism or inattention to the affairs of the heir – to deal with you. Remember only that you have some time left to restore mental intimacy with your child because this gap will only deepen further.

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