Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Here, we give sweet 16 party ideas to celebrate such a big date in your life.

Sixteen the age when we hear a lot… “I myself,” without – “Mom, can I!” It is a mystical symbol of freedom from the burden of parental, social, and public care. But at the same time this is the time of growing up, responsibility, and a new life stage. Admit that there is reason to celebrate this transition loud, fun, bright and extraordinary! But the door to adulthood is needed to open with the mind … How not to make a solemn celebration of growing up in a momento fatale – read our article!
At 16, teens are actively looking for their place in life, answers to urgent questions. At this age, they hurry to plunge into adulthood.

You can fly a glider! If you are in love with the sky, and just wait for the standard alarm clock will ring 16 to conquer it by your own, this item is for you! Why not to have a party at the airport with the glider flying lessons for yourself and your guests? More original holiday just cannot come up with!

What you need.

You need to do a variety of unique non-alcoholic cocktails. Strawberry Margarita, Coco-Moco, Mocktails and Pineapple and Lime Refresca are -fashionable drinks among teenagers. In particular, if you arrange and serve in fancy, adult glasses!

You need to make a music playlist according to your age and taste. You can do it yourself! Thus you take part in the preparatory process of your holiday. And when, suddenly, your parents decide to make a surprise for your birthday, tactfully advise them to use the services of a professional DJ, with the ability to order him/her any musical compositions.
You need to stock more food than you think to put on the table. Teens are active, constantly in motion. Surely, dancing and moving a lot, they want to eat. Do you agree, it would be terribly frustrating if after a dance marathon will be nothing to eat?
It is necessary that all the birthday is special and not just the official part. Shopping, limo, horse ride, etc. Perhaps your family will try to fulfill your every desire, even the most cherished (absurd) that day!
You need to celebrate the16 bright and unforgettable! For example, a party in retro style. Huge sunglasses – as invitation cards, poodle hair and leather jacket – as a dress code party, remakes of popular 50’s music as an invitation to dance all night long! Plus a bonus, incredibly positive pictures that will warm a lifetime memory .

It is ideal if you are fond of any particular type of dance. Accordingly, you have formed a certain circle of friends who can dance perfectly those or other dance. In that case, a party in the style of tango (salsa, waltz, Macarena, etc.) would be quite appropriate, and accept with a bang! Well, if you just want to dance? Then for you the night in the disco! The rhythm, the sounds of the body to the beat.

At 16 you do not want to be as an adult, but you really want to be an adult! Sixteen-year anniversary is the occasion to review the rules and regulations concerning the teenager. For example, to present it as a gift, the transfer of the curfew at a later time, increase the amount of pocket money, etc. And also arrange for a celebrant and his/her friends a party in an adult previously forbidden, place or style: for example, a glamorous party at the spa, visiting a variety of adult procedures: pedicure, manicure, peeling, etc. Either it can be a party at the Golf Club, with a reception, a punch and a good play on a professional field or a birthday party with the culmination trip to the cinema at the night session.
You can arrange the first time in the life a night party! Invite your friends to meet at midnight! Night, stars, scary movies with popcorn, frank discussions before dawn. Or music show in the open air, to the accompaniment of cicadas and night birds. The night can discover all the secrets! 16 is the time to look for clues to global issues!

You cannot.
Strong alcohol, drugs and sex are taboo during a party! A celebrant should be informed by his/her parents and informs his/her friends about it before a Birthday party. At the same time parents should think about what to do in case of violation of the rules.
Parents must always be in the access area for the holiday! Even if your parents trust you one hundred percent, and can easily leave the house for a few hours, ask them not to go too far. There are different uncontrollable and unexpected situations! For example, someone is sick, or a neighbor comes to deal with noise and uproar from your apartment. Your mom and dad can solve the problem faster.
At the prompt, be sure to specify the end time of the holiday! This item is required for everybody’s comfort: your parents because they will know when to bring the cake and begin to clean up the room, you and your friends because you should know exactly how much time your holiday will be (refreshments, entertainment, dancing, etc.). Your friends’ parents because they will calmly wait for the return of their children in certain time, and will not call in vain.

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