Spanish Dish Based on Rice

To open aphrodisiacs ratings we start from the end. Fifth place was taken by Paella – Spanish dish based on rice.

Paella: Pan in bed

Along with Hamon (smoked ham) and gazpacho (cold summer soup of vegetables) paella is one of the symbols of national Spanish cuisine. And this despite the fact that the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula eat paella usually once a week, Saturday night, charged with energy from it before the coming night of love. (By long tradition on Sunday night, the Spaniards considered the ideal time for conception.) But for foreigners who come to Spain, eating a steaming pan of rice with all sorts of things become such a ritual, like going to the bullfight or Flamenco theater.

Paella and all Spaniards agree in this, this was born in the third largest city in Spain – Valencia in 1099, when the army of the famous El Cid knocked out the Moors. In honor of liberating, people decided to have a feast, but because they were poor people, the food was collected from everybody. Someone brought rice, someone sacrificed a chicken, and someone shared his catch of shrimp and mussels. Several girls in the absence of edible added to the pot stamens just blooming saffron, which immediately gives the dish a golden color and wonderful flavor. The huge pot boiled until the unknown dish was considered ready. It was hard with cutlery at the time, and the portions had decided to carry on a large frying pan with two handles, called paellera. So rustic utensils gave the name to the most famous culinary product of Spain.

As the ancient chronicles indicate, the liberators ate so much that day, so the next morning they overslept Moors counterattack, during which El Cid was killed. The death happened on a heavy stomach, made paella famous. All wanted to try the dish, which even a national hero could not resist. And since the exact recipe nobody knew, each city began to make its own discovery. But with all the variety of ingredients, one thing remained the same – a Mediterranean rice “Iberica”.

By the way, to find the primary source of the very “Sid killer paella ” today is unreal even in Valencia. Now tourist version of paella reigns in Barcelona Seville, and Madrid. A mixed dish called a little of everything. Due to the nature of technology, it is prepared only by large portions. There is a double warning about this on the menu in advance. But the waiters do not say about the fact that thanks to the amazing mixture of foods and spices an hour after consuming paella, it begins to act on the human body just like Viagra. No wonder that people who know, advise tourists have it exclusively in the evening and close to the hotel.

Now they cook
From 876 world famous recipes, we decided to stop for the version at number 375, which at one time Gala (Elena Dyakonov) regaled her husband Salvador Dali. By the way, much later, Penelope Cruz succeeded with Javier Bardem using the same recipe.

Products: half chicken, 300 grams of pork, 3 ripe tomatoes, 2 red peppers, onion, 2 cups of broth, a cup of rice, chili, spices ( oregano, allspice and black pepper ), parsley, 5 cloves of garlic, a quarter teaspoon saffron, half a cup of cooked beans, a mixture of seafood (shrimp, squid, scallops), olive oil.

Step one. Chicken and pork, cut into large pieces, season with spices and herbs and fry in oil until brown. Add chopped onion, garlic and chili, herbs, then put sliced julienne red pepper and tomatoes and cook for another three minutes.

Step two. Pour the rice in the pan, mix it with butter and cook all over medium heat, stirring constantly. 5-7 minutes to start small portions broth topped with saffron. Add to the mix and leave squid paella to languish under a cover for 20 minutes.

Step three. Add rice to beans. Top with mussels, shrimp and sprinkle with black pepper. Leave it all under cover for another 10 minutes. And before you turn off the stove under a frying pan, pour generously paella with lemon juice. Serve straight from the piping hot.

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