Sleeping during the day is good for you

How do you determine your sleep requirement? Someone needs 10 hours of sleep, while others need 4-5 hours of sleep.

Is it true that sleeping during the day is good for you?

-Now it is believed that even a microsleep of 2-3 minutes can make you feel better. Ideally, a day’s sleep should last from 15 to 30 minutes, but no more than 45 minutes. Another condition is to go to bed not later than 3:00 pm to wake up at 4:00 pm. Do not go to bed at 6 pm, then you risk to interrupt the night’s sleep. And in general, if the day’s sleep breaks the evening’s sleep, it is better to endure.

if you fall asleep within the first day and a half after a sleepless night, you can compensate for the lack of sleep. If later, the body will remember it, and there is nothing to compensate for lack of sleep.

You can sleep whenever you want. The more sleep deprivation you have, the more you will sleep. But there is no direct dependency here. For example, if a person hasn’t slept for three days, he is unlikely to sleep for a whole day (8 hours of sleep multiplied by 3 days). It usually lasts twice as long as normal sleep time, i.e. 16 hours.

– It is said that it is best for a person to sleep in the blue room. Is that so?

In other words, in a dark room. If the light penetrates through the curtains, the bright bed will reflect it and give a little more light. Dark shades in the bedroom reflect less light and suppress the production of sleep hormone melatonin . However, in the case of the presence of light-insulating curtains that do not transmit light, the color of the bed does not matter.

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