Rules of Survival

Rules of survival in the men team

According to psychologists, a man in the women’s teams works much easier than women of their male colleagues. However, if you follow certain rules …

Stiff competition and no coquetry
Ladies are naturally more flexible and much faster than men to adapt to changing conditions. Precisely these women’s talents will be essential if she has to work in the men’s team. Also, you should try to understand your fellow men, in other words, learn to put yourself in their shoes. In addition, men at work – not something that men afterwards. In other words, neither of chivalry can be.

Your every mistake will be perceived by male counterparts, as a gross violation. In general, you become a player in the team, which would be made more stringent. In this competition you will not be spared if you try to use the standard feminine wiles. Therefore, in the men’s team, you should at once forget the coquetry and flirtation. Better to show your strengths and prove that you are a professional , good and reliable employee, as your male counterparts.The clothes should also adhere to a strict business style, no bright clothes and accessories – all strictly in the case. Perhaps the only time you can use your charm is a corporate party company. But here it is better not to overdo it. At work, the same optimal elements of clothing should be trousers and a jacket. Just do not go to the other extreme: do not turn into hard and masculine business women. It will not help you gain credibility with their male colleagues. Rather, it will push away from you.

Men, let’s be friends!
Dear women, no matter what difficulties and challenges will wait for  You in the men’s team, it is best to be prepared for them. The best way to protect – is your openness, friendliness and understanding. Learn to make friends with fellow-men, and do not hesitate to ask them for advice. However, if you notice a specific favors from colleagues, take the time to take them. Have no doubt: your colleagues have been discussed all of your strengths and weaknesses. But any proposal for the continuation of relations “out of office”is better to dismiss. You know very well, what can cause office romances. So concentrate on the work. Thus, your credibility in the eyes of their male colleagues is increased considerably. If you are by nature quite vulnerable and nervous, this is also an occasion to work on yourself. Learn to control your emotions in the men’s team is essential. Otherwise, they just find you hysterical, and will avoid contact with you. As a consequence, the chief decides to get rid of you in the very first opportunity.

Do not show your resentment to your fellow men, even if you have all the bases. Maintain composure and not provoke scandal. Speak more quietly in the most stressful situations, mind your tone.

You have to withstand the impact,to show the courage and fortitude. Believe me, it will affect your opponent disarmingly. They did not expect such self-control of you! Best of all, no matter how much you hurt, try not to think about it. According to psychologists, if the men quickly forget about the dispute, the ladies return to conflict again and again, constantly scrolling through their heads. This often leads to a grudge that in relations with colleagues will create unnecessary tension. It is better to analyze your mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future.

If there was a difficult situation in any of your work colleagues, do not rush to give advice, if they do not ask you about them. Men are quite painful to them and often perceived as criticism. And the line between advice and criticism is very thin indeed. Therefore, in order not to get into a difficult situation, they are best avoided. But the praise and compliments can not skimp. And very soon, you will be in the men’s team’s most valuable employee.

According to psychologists, women have all possibilities for this. They are punctual, responsible, smooth out any conflicts, and, most importantly, they are committed to the cause, which is engaged. If the woman is the leader, than under her authority is working a lot of smart and talented men, true professionals.
So, girls, do the pin! Train hard – fight easy. Be brave, and you will succeed!


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