Logical puzzles are popular, they are printed in many places. According to rumors, applicants of some universities, who were able to correctly answer these questions, entered without exams. Of course, to give the right answers, you need to include logic and attention.

So the questions.
1.What time of day is shown in the picture?

2.Is this river navigable?

3.In which direction does the river flow: to the south, north, west, or east?

4.Is the river deep near the shore where the boat stands?

5.Is there a bridge across the river nearby?

6.How far is the railway from here?

7.Do cranes fly to the north or south?

Try all the same to think a little, not looking at the answers.

And now the answers.

Having examined the drawing, you see that the field is sowing (a tractor with a seeder and carts with grain).

Buoys, that is, signs marking the fairway, are put only on navigable rivers. The buoy is reinforced on a wooden float, which is always angled against the stream.

Having determined the cranes on the flight, where the north is, and paying attention to the position of the triangle with the buoy, it is not difficult to decide that at this point the river flows from north to south.

The direction of the shadow from the tree indicates that the sun is in the southeast. In the spring on this side of the sky the sun is at 8 – 10 am.

A railroad conductor with a lantern is sent to the boat; he obviously lives somewhere near the station.

The footbridges and the stairs going down to the river, as well as the boat with passengers show that there is a permanent transportation across the river. He is needed here because there is no bridge nearby.

On the shore you see a boy with a fishing rod. Only when fishing in a deep place can the float be moved so far away from the hook.

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