Pleasure threatens to cause problems

We have a lot of temptations in our lives. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs are the most accessible and common tempters. They bring immediate pleasure, for which you will soon have to pay a high price.

A person who uses psychoactive substances – tobacco, alcohol, not to mention drugs – becomes more tense, depressed and aggressive. And not only at the time of admission and immediately after, but also in general.

In other words, pleasure here and now turns into a depressed emotional background. However, it is not surprising. Especially if we take into account the destructive mechanism of action of stupefying substances. Take at least the most seemingly harmless – tobacco.

“Each smoked cigarette compensatorily increases the heart rate. This happens because the carbon monoxide contained in tobacco smoke replaces oxygen and causes oxygen starvation of cells.

Chemical factory
Heart load is not the only consequence of carbon monoxide entering the lungs. CO is also a real energy thief. It causes energy shortages. So even a moderate smoker becomes sluggish and apathetic.
But if only carbon monoxide. But with him, the smoker breathes in toxic substances, the names of which can be found on the labels of the most dangerous products in the chemical industry. For example, in the tobacco smoke there are: irritating gases – methane, ketone, acetaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, as well as benzopyrrol, heavy metals, radioactive substances. Acetaldehyde, for example, is a constant companion to a serious hangover – a product of alcohol decay.

This whole set of cigarettes is exhaled within 20 minutes. It is not to be expected that cigarettes can be selected as a safe replacement. Electronic evaporators are not the solution. Doctors are already well aware that they cause obliterating bronchiolitis of the lungs with the development of severe respiratory failure. In neglected cases, the only way to treat this disease – lung transplantation. In 80-90% of cases, smoking causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Thankfully, this diagnosis is no longer a sentence. Thanks to modern bronchodilators. They help to relieve symptoms and maintain efficiency.

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