Marriage with a Successful Woman

Men decimated envy

To be successful and wealthy women today is a health hazard! Many men do a lot of stupid things because of the jealousy of their wives career growth: start an affair, take away the second half of the business.
Scientists have long been inclined to think that the world will soon expect a new era of matriarchy. Women are less and less correspond to the classical patriarchal rules of family life. And now the weaker sex is actively developing business and trying to shift from the pedestal the leader and the main earner in the family – a man. Hence we have all the troubles. Psychologists say that a man can not help but envy his wife career success. Such is his nature.

Our brains are adapted for life in caves 50,000 years ago. In those days, an exemplary man was a man-provider, who identified where should be the tribe. Today, women are beginning to compete with men and become more successful at work. A man cannot survive psychologically, that his wife can be a leader in his field of activity. It is suppressed very powerful primitive instincts, the man tries to drive them into the unconscious. And all that is suppressed, finds out sooner or later.

Men often feel unhappy and unnecessary when married to a successful woman. He took her to be his pair in order to protect, preserve, make happy. But it turned out the opposite. She – the head of the family, and he – a man who is at the moment with her.
To be rehabilitated in their own eyes, the vast majority of men in the situation when the wife works went up the hill and started to make more money, start an affair and find a mistress with lower social status than themselves.

To show himself that he is actually a normal guy, and can do something in this life, a man who married a wealthy lady, start intrigue with a silly young woman. She should have no work, look at him with open-mouthed, and he could be a real macho with her.
However, the affair – not the only way to get rid of the stress caused by envy. The stronger sex leans on alcohol to relax and not to think about his traumatic situation. If he does not let the steam even with the help of alcohol, internal aggression, and anger at a woman will only grow. And the situation may end in failure.

By nature, men are more jealous than women, but can cleverly hide their feelings. It was inherited by nature: women are blamed for all the troubles themselves, and the stronger sex – the world and loved ones. Hence are the roots of male jealousy. He can destroy the family, destroy himself If the feeling is so strong that even overwhelms. And the worst thing – to eliminate the source of envy – a loved one.

Being a celebrity husband -not every man is able to carry cross. Some did not survive -and go to easier women.

Envy is destructive in all of its manifestations. In psychosomatics, it heads a blacklist of feelings that lead to serious illness. When a person experiences jealousy, there is muscle tension. Pinch blood vessels, there are hypoxia internal organs. This can provoke cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Possible, therefore, that there was no reason to envy, at least, to work, but have earned less. Then the soul of man is at peace.


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