Lower Right Back Pain

If there is lower right back pain, this could be a sign of diseases of different systems and organs.

First, when a sore right side, from the back, it could signal of respiratory problems (the same can talk about pain in the left side of the back). Thus may manifest pleurisy, pneumonia (cough and deep breathing pain increases), cancers of the bronchi or lungs.

Very often, people who have lower right back suffering from problems in digestive system – as can occur, for example, an attack of cholecystitis, the pain may not subside for several days. This back pain on the right may be accompanied by fever, vomiting, nausea, abdominal muscle tension. Also a pain in the back right side, caused by the attack of cholecystitis, can be given in the right shoulder blade or rib cage on the right side.

It also happens that the pain in the right side of the back caused by a problem in the urinary tract. Thus renal colic may occur, for which the characteristic feature is the inability to find the position of the body in which the pain would be weakened.

Sometimes pain in the right side of the back is associated with the problems of the peripheral nervous system or spinal cord. The pain is in the nature of shooting.

Listed are not limited to factors that may cause discomfort in the right side of the back. Overall symptom is quite common; they may be accompanied by many ailments. When lower right back pain, it may be a signal about the problems of various organs, so the diagnosis should be established as soon as possible. Modern osteopathy able to determine the cause of the pain and in many cases helps with the root of the problem, and in a relatively short time. Having lower right back pain can be a signal of many ailments so does not try to diagnose a disease by yourself.

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