Lower Back Pain Left Side

According to statistics, lower back pain left side happens in, 90% of people, including not only the elderly, but also those who barely passed for thirty. One would think that at such a young age pain in the lower back pain left side should not be tormented, which, by the way, may have a completely different location. There are a lot of causes for this pain. These include diseases of the spine, internal organs, lack of exercise, bad posture, colds and a number of other reasons. If a person has back pain on the left, in any case, do not need auto therapy, without identifying the cause of the pain. For this purpose it is best to consult a specialist who is not only properly identify the source of pain, but also prescribe an effective course of treatment.

Pain on the left side of the waist may have different origins. For example, pain in the left side in the lower back and pain below the waist on the left can indicate kidney disease, urinary tract, ovaries in women and a number of other diseases that with absolute certainty, after careful examination of the patient can identify only specialist. Most often Lower back pain left side is associated with spinal diseases as osteochondrosis. Depending on the nature of pain – drawing pain in the lower back on the left or aching pain in the left lower back, the doctor will determine the cause of pain and chooses the most effective in each case, the method of treatment.

Therefore, if a sore left side of the back it is not recommended to take any medication on your own, since such an initiative can lead to poor health, and in some cases may require surgery and treatment. In most cases, when a sore left side and lower back, the man is trying to reduce the suffering by various folk remedies treat pain. The result of this “treatment” is a temporary improvement, and then the pain reappears. Doctors also treat the cause of pain, its source, and therefore qualified medical care has positive sustainable results and, in some cases, helps to get rid of back pain forever. After a course of therapy, the patient should follow the doctor recommendations very carefully. These recommendations may include foods with a high content of vitamins, massage therapy or gymnastics, limitation of physical activity.

And one more time, do not try to identify the cause of Lower back pain left side by you own.

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