Lose weight and don’t gain

Maybe there is a new way to get rid of extra pounds in the shortest possible time and without compromising health?

The most impressive result, which the patient has achieved – minus 90 kg in a year. This contradicts the traditional advice of nutritionists: to lose weight slowly and gradually.

Usually patients with initially high body weight (150-170 kg) lose weight (15-18 kg per month). If the body weight is not so critical, the rate of weight loss is different: men lose 5-9 kg in the first month, women – 4-7.

Gradual weight loss is really preferable. Sharp weight loss can be compared to a radical operation in which all organs are operated on simultaneously. Because of the sharp weight loss there is a thickening of the blood, atrophy of capillaries, which served the fat mass, so you can get rid of excess weight only in the clinic under the supervision of doctors.

Diet always has a beginning and the end. You can lose weight on diets. After a person thinks about what he eats, he always starts to eat less. But if a person isn’t ready to diet all his life, it’s better if he doesn’t start: the sooner the weight is gone, the sooner he’ll come back. Low-calorie diets, pills, and slimming cocktails cannot change the main thing that prevents a person from losing weight – his nutritional behavior. In some cases, in order for the patient to lose extra pounds, it is necessary to get rid of the habit of “eating stress” (that is, breaking the link between food and stress), in others – to teach him to enjoy not only the food, but also in some other way.

It has been repeatedly tested: if you are overweight, the protective mechanisms of the psychics are triggered, when you find many arguments why you will not be able to lose weight. Heredity, age and disease are used. When you solve the main psychological problem, the weight quickly goes away.

The only age at which weight gain is physiologically conditioned is the period of menopause (45-53 years), when the hormones necessary for the slimming of a woman’s body decrease and the fatty tissue takes on the function of a “sexual” hormone organ. At this age, in order not to fill up, the woman needs to seriously reduce the amount of food she eats.

Weight gain during pregnancy is not due to changes in the hormonal background, as it is commonly believed, but to a strong belief that during this period a woman should eat for two. Dangerous age is the period of puberty, when hormonal changes begin in the child’s body. Although long before puberty, looking at the child, it is possible to predict whether he or she will face the problem of excess weight. If the child is not properly formed eating habits, if the walks are replaced by a computer, the excess weight will necessarily appear.

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