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Labor Recruitment Agency are Changing Employment Rules!

Soon, job seekers will not be considered without looking at the details of your eyes, ears, and lips! You cannot be a bank employee because of blue eyes with long eyelashes and thick lips. It turns out you should not be close to the money. You can be caught stealing or falling into debt. Many recruiting agencies are very well aware of it, secretly using physiognomy for selection.

Today, physiognomy is very popular in labor recruitment agency of the United States and in Germany. The pass to the vacant position is not a summary of the applicant, but his/her photo. Having considered the nose, lip size, eye shape, etc., physiognomist verdicts. Do you have full lips and a big nose? The specialist will understand: you are a good, non-conflict, but unassembled and soft. You are not for the deputy director or manager position.

Public, vibrant, unpredictable and capable of adventure people(politicians, artists) have rectangular face shape. Chubby is well succeed in professions related to education and training. People with a trapezoidal shape of the face obtained athletes, travelers, and … thieves. They love extreme. Mentally divide the face for the parts, from the chin to the nose. This is the material. From the nose to the eyebrows – the family. And from the eyebrows to the hairline – the spiritual. The part, occupying the largest area of the face, is the principal. Do you have the distance from the eyebrows to the hair more than the chin to your nose? You are certainly not a miner or a driver, a logistic or a manager. And most of all, you are not a writer,  artist and philosopher. The spiritual world is most vital for such a face.

Most ancient book is a treatise on the physiognomy of Aristotle (340 BC). He wrote: “If a man has a big forehead, his owner is slow. If the forehead is wide – people tend to madness. And if small – to volatility. Straight eyebrows indicate softness nature, curving in the nose – the stiffness, fused – a sign of a jealous man. In jerks round and narrow-set eyes. Large protruding ears give a windbag. ”

Be interviewed for employment to work through a labor recruitment agency is not so hard if you use the above tips and prepare in advance for a interview to the employer or staffing company.

Flaw and prophet.
About the first experiments on physiognomy, you can read in one of the old Jewish parables. The king Arabistan learned  about good deeds of the Prophet Moses, and ordered the artist to paint his portrait. Then called physiognomist: “Tell me about his character!” And told that: according to the person, Moses – a man hard and treacherous. The king was astonished, he went to Moses and said, “How can that be? Save people – and all of a sudden …” The Prophet explained: “Your artist wrote my face correctly, your physiognomist true read on it the vices that were given to me at birth. But I fought with them …”


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