Japanese longevity

Life expectancy in Japan is the highest in the world. What is the secret of their longevity and how to repeat their experience?  The age of 20 thousand Japanese people exceeded 100 years. 40 years ago, there were barely a hundred of them.

On July 18, 2017, Shigeaki Hinohara, a physician, passed away. He lived 105 years until the last day of his stay at the St. Luke’s International Clinic in Tokyo, which he headed. The doctor left behind a notebook in which every day he was booked for  5 months in advance. He proved from his own experience that the secret of longevity has really subdued the people of Japan, and through medical education he was able to come up with the perfect recipe for life extension. Hinohara traveled the world with lectures, trying to pass on his knowledge to as many people as possible. These are the simple commandments of real longevity that we have taken from his book, “Living Long, Living Well,” which has sold 1.2 million copies of the world.

It is the ability to rejoice in life, the success of their own and those around them that the Japanese doctor put in first place. The feeling of fun, excitement and fullness of life is more important than sleep, food and even medicine. Here’s what Hinohara himself said about it: “A man gets his energy not from food or sleep, but from fun. Remember, as a child, if we had fun, we forgot to eat, and we didn’t need sleep. It’s the same for adults.

The average Japanese, including all members of the imperial family, eat not only correctly, but also little! A cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice – that’s the whole breakfast. Lunch is ideally worth missing, doing something interesting and exciting. At the very least, to have a snack with something insignificant. And dinner should consist of vegetables, rice and fish, said the doctor. Meat can be consumed twice a week for 100 g.

You don’t want to get hung up on the past. Look ahead all the time, even if you’re many years old. It is better to write down plans in a notebook and reread them more often. Dreams are material – the more you think, the sooner you will find ways to get to them.

Shigeki Hinohara even in the last years of his life gave at least 150 lectures a year. Each of them is at least 1.5 hours. At the same time, he gave lectures without sitting down for a minute. In his opinion, the energy of interested listeners gives a huge amount of energy. Don’t dwell on yourself, look for interesting (and not very interesting) interlocutors – share your experience with them. Cherish your family and spend a lot of time with them. The doctor himself celebrated his 105th birthday surrounded by 50 relatives on an exotic island.

Living actively doesn’t mean trying on everything young people do. It is not normal to start dancing break-dance at the age of 80. As soon as you forget about the age, consider that you are on the verge of senile dementia, which will cause problems for you and your family.

You need to rest actively, spend time on the couch in front of the TV – means to dig your own grave. It is not necessary to spend time in the gym, it is enough to walk, swim, ride a bicycle. Hinohara himself never used an elevator, and on the stairs stepped over two steps.


Drawing wisdom from books, the doctor himself considered the main book of his life “Abbot Vogler” Robert Browning. A quote from there became his motto: “We must set great goals in art and life. If you’re going to draw a circle, it must be so huge that you don’t have to finish it in a lifetime.”

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