Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships sometimes suffer because of alleged “unsolvable” problems. And the exit, however, is much simpler than it seems.”Go away, not today, I have terrible headache!” Surely everyone has heard a similar phrase from the partner: after all, men are not immune from the headache! It would seem, that’s okay, maybe more – and it will. But what if such a problem is a constant companion of sex?
This is the so-called coital, that is associated with coitus headache. It can occur before, during or after sex, be strong or not. You might be surprised, but coital headache is mainly exposed to men: women ratio – 3:1. Just stronger sex in contrast to weak for the most part does not consider it an obstacle to intimacy and prefers to endure.
Sexologists share coital headaches into four groups. Why? It turns out, and the reasons for each group their own, and removed the pain in different ways.

Vascular headaches.

Sudden sharp pain impulses (impact) that come during orgasm. As a result, at the peak of sexual intimacy a person receives a portion of the pain-killing pleasure.
Who is to blame? It is the jump in blood pressure during sex, which cannot handle vessels.
What to do? Immediately seek a doctor about blood pressure. Rather, it is hypertension (probably in the early stages). It is time to take medicines to lower pressure.

Weak aching pain occurs during sexual arousal increased during intercourse, peaking during orgasm, and then quickly go away.
Who is to blame? It is stiffness, muscle tension neck during sex. Often such pain associated with cervical spine. That is not a sore head and neck, but the pain of giving head. Try to relax as the neck muscles, taking a comfortable position. Help and light massage the neck area, which can make partner.

Headaches in certain poses
Pain strikes in the intimacy in a vertical position, that is, standing or sitting positions.
Who is to blame? A slight shift of the cervical vertebrae. Sexual arousal in an upright position causes a relative reduction in cerebrospinal fluid pressure.
What to do? In the horizontal position cerebrospinal fluid pressure is leveled, so you just have to lie down. However, it is an occasion to examine the cervical spine by a doctor.

Alcohol (drugs) headaches
Pulsating thrusts during the sexual act.
Who is to blame? It is clear from the title of this pain. They are caused by weakened blood vessels and appear individually.
What to do?  Marijuana and cocaine inevitably cause surges, leading to strong vasospasm. And it is absolutely contraindicated in sex after drinking alcohol for people suffering from migraines.Do not drink before sex and certainly not indulge in drugs!


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