Infertility for Two

The problem of infertility has always been considered a woman’s problem. But today, doctors assure: in 50% of cases it is a man.

Crafty heat

If a couple wants to have children and is not protected for more than a year, and a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur, it is likely that both partners are involved. And you both need to see a doctor. And at the same time. It is necessary to be very frank with the doctor – to tell frankly about the past infectious diseases, medical history of the whole family. After all, if one of the relatives was born children with birth defects, developmental delays, there is a chance of repetition.

The doctor must know the health status of both men and women. If both she and he have problems, they need to be addressed comprehensively.

For example, a man has problems with his fertile potential, and a woman has impassable pipes, which means she will not become pregnant. What is the point of treating it when it is necessary to do IVF at once?

Or, on the contrary, it is in a beautiful fertile age under 30 years old, and still no children, so –  clear problem in the partner. As practice shows, in half of the cases the problem of infertility in the family – a man.
A man’s way of life directly affects spermatogenesis. The male seed is sensitive to both negative environmental consequences and unfavorable living conditions. Even increased water temperature can affect the sex system. Therefore, men are especially not recommended to take a hot bath or visit the sauna.

Be especially careful when working with chemicals. Even if you do not inhale them every day, but do it regularly enough, there is a risk of change in the composition of the seed, and hence the birth of a child with birth defects or premature birth, as well as other deplorable consequences.

Just a shot of vodka?

Alcohol and smoking can lead to male infertility. Even a single dose of alcohol per day – a shot of strong drink, a glass of wine or a bottle of beer – negatively affects a man’s ability to impregnate a woman. And today, as statistics show, more than half of the men aged 20-77 years consume more than this dose on average. But according to a urologist, a special risk group is not even alcoholics, but men who diligently pump muscles, spending several hours a day in the gym, and in addition, use various kinds of steroids. The fact is that any testosterone from outside (namely, it comes with these drugs) suppresses male fertility. And even a seemingly strong man can be sterile because he has completely changed the hormonal background.

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