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Diet (good, healthy) product # 1 in this list is the common cabbage and all of its "brothers" and "sisters" (different varieties of cabbage

Harmful and useful products.
I’ve heard many times as people say:”I need help losing weight”.If you read the page on the causes of obesity, then you at least have some idea what the meaning of the natural weight loss. It is to begin to treat yourself and your body, at least, no worse than we treat our car. For a start, I suggest that all products are divided into two groups (for example, I made two lists.) One will be the products of which Hippocrates said: “The food should be our medicine.” those are good for our digestive system. So we have to give to our body what it is lacking, something that will help it make right. These are products that are rich in fiber and dietary fiber, natural vitamins and minerals in their natural form, and not in the form of tablets.

Diet (good, healthy) product # 1 in this list is the common cabbage and all of its “brothers” and “sisters” (different varieties of cabbage). This is the “nectar” to our stomach and intestines. According to my observations: there is an indispensable relationship – youth, beauty and health is very supportive fans cabbage in any form: pickled, baked, boiled, etc. Although preference, I still recommend giving fresh cabbage, because it is delicious and without heat or any other treatment.
In the second place, I would put carrots, especially if it is grown on their own garden or summer cottage. Fiber and the vitamins and minerals that are contained in the carrots, not only help to get rid of excess weight, but strengthen the whole body. Also significant is the fact that the carrots – this is our “home” roots, ie our body is completely adapted to it.
For example, a mix of carrot juice, cabbage, beets and celery – it’s just a balm for our body, so to speak, “grafting” of immunity.
Further, it is foods rich in natural vitamins and minerals. This is a “catalyst” that should start the irreversible process of normalization of metabolism.

We call this list “good foods”. It will:
All types of cereals, but not white polished rice (it has almost no fiber, and all the vitamins and minerals are removed, but a lot of starch – in fact, it is a by-product of rice oil, very popular in the East, Asians themselves hardly eat it at all, so to find a thick Chinese or Japanese is difficult – they eat natural rice, not the “carbohydrate pacifier” that export) since truly useful only unpolished brown or brown rice;

– wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, etc.;
– the same foods made from whole grains, ie, including the shell grains (bran) and corn germ, flour, wholemeal or peeled (not refined) flour.

All types of beans, except soy products (soy beans are good, even very good, and soy products – is quite another) – is purified and processed starch derived from soybeans, and usually pretty packed with “food” chemistry, it peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc.
All vegetables, except potatoes (there are practically no fat, but starch), is especially useful cabbage (any)
All kinds of fruit, smaller only bananas (for the same reason as the potatoes)
Any nuts, not limited
All the berries, without limitation (especially forest);
Green and black tea (green is more useful of course), without restrictions, but without sugar (first it will be unusual, but then you will get a real taste of tea, you’ll like it, so I advise to buy only good tea) and bags (this is not a tea );
Any greens, the more, the better;
Vegetable oil (unrefined and only), any.

As you can see the list is impressive. All of these foods can be eaten without any major restrictions ,you should only remember that the fully processed and understood our digestion is capable of no more than 1 liter (1 kg) of food at a time, and the interval between meals should be at least 3-4 hours.
Each of these products will bring only good for your digestion. Can be boiled lean meat, any. Consumption of meat, have been limited, but it does not matter that you gain weight from it this is due the fact that the digestion and assimilation of meat your body expends more energy than it receives when digestion is working properly provided that the meat is really lean,), but only because the meat is very hard for our food digestion, especially when the body is no longer young.

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