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whole idea, you can easily set your own rate. Then as usual begin your meal, but eat slowly

If you realize that you eat a lot, but nothing you can help with it, I can only give one simple way, which is not bad at first helped me personally, when I need help losing weight. The idea of “trick” is this: quietly put yourself a familiar portion which you would like to eat to get full satisfaction from eating. I will not advise how to limit your meal. Everything is quite individually. If you have got the whole idea, you can easily set your own rate. Then as usual begin your meal, but eat slowly, savoring every morsel of food getting complete pleasure. And so you have eaten almost half portion. We terminate. Imagine that a thief tries to break into your car, standing at the window and you need to scare. Or, the phone rang and you suddenly had a significant conversation that you cannot stop for many reasons. So find an effective excuse for you to interrupt the meal.

After 15-20 minutes, return to the table, and if you still feel hungry, eat more. You don’t want. That’s right. We often overeat because we cannot be satisfied with less food, but only because the feeling of fullness “cannot keep up with how quickly we eat.”
My own experience (and many of those whom my “achievements” have helped, and I talked about it, agree with me) that this “effect” we must thank to all the same refined products – “fat-carbohydrate Dummy” that, in essence do not give our bodies those components, which it needs, and it is still hoping to get a feeling of fullness, while the stomach is full for a long time. Why do I say that?
This effect fades away, ss the transition to organic food, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals in their natural form. You do it, too, can feel the full. But I digress. You can eat cheese different varieties (low-fat), but not fused (not cheese at all, but a terrible surrogate). If you want something else (not a complete list of useful products), we operate on the same principle. Just think how this product is good or bad for your digestive system and, above all, for your intestinal bacteria – microorganisms inhabiting your intestines. It is from its “comfort” depends on our immune systems and all the metabolic processes in the body.

Operate on the principle – how you take care of your “little helper”, so they are grateful for this care will lead your body in order. Believe me, this “pattern of relationships” works flawlessly!
The second list is called the “bad foods”:
• White flour and products made from white flour
• Starch
• Sugar
• Fat meat
• Artificial fats
• Surrogate products
• “Food” additives and artificial vitamins
• Carbonated drinks (very bad for digestion)

As you can see not a lot of restrictions. And when you consider the harm these products caused to the body, the rejection of them – this is not a limitation, and the care of your own health and your favorite body! We do not allow ourselves to have cyanide, and do not reproach ourselves for it.

Another bit of advice – read. Learn what products affect the body. This will help you to “rebuild consciousness.” Nutritionists (not to be confused with those who offer weight loss diet) have long been sounding the alarm, about the power of modern man. There is enough information. For example, chocolate you can afford, but if it’s really chocolate (see more composition of what you eat), and it allow. Measure should be in everything.
The curious fact that absolutely all centenarians in different parts of the world have one thing consistently – is moderation in eating. But gluttony is a grave sin by the way, in all religions, without exception. And it’s not just like that! If I need help loosing weight – Know ,you have lots of possibilities.

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