Happiness is Сontagious!

Happiness is contagious!

Blissfully – the joyful mental condition of the person referred to the common word “happiness” is passed from a person to a person like a virus infection. This is not a poetic allegory, but a scientifically proven fact.

Distinguished scientists from Harvard and the University of California, James and Nick Christakis/ Fouller conducted the study, which involved 5,000 volunteers and about 50,000 of their closest friends and relatives. After analyzing the collected data, psychologists said that your personal happiness is a social category. Its presence or absence is directly dependent on whether your family is happy, if friends of your friends are happy.
The grace of a single person has the ability to extend the chain of friends and can “infect” the man known to her only indirectly.

Their apprenticeship argues that one lucky individual increases the probability of happiness for his best friend for 25 %, the other fellow – by 10%, and the friend of my friend’s 5.6%.
In their work Fouller and Christakis also used a database of the large-scale case study of heart disease, which is monitored for 60 years, and includes information on 5,000 people and their families. The researchers claim that this database serves them with an excellent example of how a happy emotional state like a virus can spread between people.

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