Hairiness & Fluffiness

Hairiness & fluffiness

In Chinese medicine, there is a whole section dedicated to men’s hair. At the place of their growth are determined, for example, sexual performance and character!

It seems easier to list the places where he does not an instance of male hair. He is literally covered with them all over. Chest, shoulders, abdomen, arms, and even spin! Male “savage” has an enormous margin of safety in intimate terms. But in order to turn him into a great lover, who is considered not only his own wishes but the wishes of his girlfriend, you will need to exert maximum effort. Typically, the “savages” do not like foreplay and go to sleep after sex.

Agent 007
Men with hairy breasts and pronounced distribution of pubic hair endowed with a quite strong temperament and do not have problems with erection. At the same time, if necessary, capable of self-control. Another detail of the “007”: His partner should pay attention to his … mum. Strict upbringing in childhood may be the reason that his natural sexual energy preferring to obey. If regular sex with this man seems deflating woman, you must offer him a role-play, where the woman dominates.

Real colonel
Has excellent hair, hairy chest, hairy arms and wears a mustache. Is it your partner? Hang on to him – he is not only “real colonel,” but a real goer. This type is rare Monogamous. The quality of sex is good, but there is a possibility that after forty years your “Colonel” will get some sexually transmitted infections, and as a consequence – prostatitis. So erections with age can greatly diminish.

This man has hair on the body, but the head … Hey, don’t be upset – in most cases, hair falls out from high levels of testosterone, the male hormone. As the result the connective tissue in the skin where the hair follicles, it becomes harder and squeezes them, the bulbs die off, and the hair falls out forever. But these men have excellent potency and are capable of long intercourse. The ancient Romans tried to hold in the Senate called Act bald banning bald men up to 30 years to be senators. Supporters of the law believed that sexual exploits (of which these people will have more than their peers or older men) will distract them from public affairs.

The boy
A man in a pore of maturity and the body is completely devoid of hair? Sometimes it happens. First, it should be revoked, this is a lack of natural hair or they have been removed by epilator. If the hair grows poorly by nature, alas, sexual viability into question. If, however, it happens in a cosmetologist’s office, the erection may be not bad, but that is another problem with this man – his extreme selfishness. He likes too much to care for himself, so, in bed, he will always think only of himself.

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