6 Responses to “Hairiness & Fluffiness”

  1. siren13 says:

    And I personaly do not accept men with short hair .. 🙁

  2. Klon_Pol says:

    Man should be hairy and smelly ,should smell expensive toilet water, cigars and cognac.
    In other places hairiness does not bother!!!!

  3. voiceofman says:

    If the person you love is very hairy ,you should not worry.I like when a woman has a neat intimate haircut – if I may call it.
    so be yourself

  4. TheShadow says:

    I like the way I look – shaved and unshaved.That’s all me!And I am a little worried about what other people think about how I look.The man seems to me to be a natural, self, and of course cleanliness.Period

  5. Maxie says:

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  6. Amsah says:

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