Games for Birthday Parties

The most anticipated holiday of everyone – not even the New Year, the day of birth. Want to make your own personal holiday more original – arrange games for birthday parties. We assure you that you will not regret it!
Here is a Game variety – and for a variety of age groups. There is quite active entertainment. And there are neutral variants of games for home, such as play forfeits, when all pull the pieces of paper with tasks. A quest reward should be, for example, you get back your watch. But restrain your imagination – you can get your own task, and then dancing on the table you will have to do by your own! Good and happy Party’s!

Once leaf, two leaves
Number of players: several pairs
Optional: flowers.
This game is typically played on birthdays, because they have a lot of flowers, roses in particular. So, choose a pair, take a few roses, girls laid on the sofa and scatter on them about the same number of petals. Their partners are blindfolded, and they begin to collect petals by their lips. The winner, of course, is the one who can handle this task faster.

Number of Players: Even
Optional: paper, paper, scissors
Players are divided into two teams. Teams are given newspapers. The team’s task: cutting out newspaper letters, words, signs, create and stick to the paper any sentence. For instance, “Bad news travels fast”
The winner is the team which will make it faster.

Number of players: several pairs
Optional: stickers
Stickers (usually 5-10 pieces) are glued to various places (usually on hand on the neck, behind the ear, cheek, lips, and sometimes on the tongue. Partner must gently take off this sticker by mouth, teeth, tongue, not touching it (stickers) by hands. Sticker should not be too sticky!

ROLLED an apple
Number of players: several pairs
Optional: apples, chairs
A girl lies back on the chairs, bench (feet together, arms at her sides.) Put an apple as close as possible to the feet.
A guy’s job – the apple rolls through her body by his nose, and avoid touching by his hands either the girl or the apple, , and when he reaches the girl’s mouth (in general, it goes to the girl’s chin), the guy should take an apple by his teeth and give it to bite to his girlfriend . The game is over. During the game the girl and the guy do not have the right to help each other.
If the apple falls, give another (clean), and the guy starts again. The game gives a lot of fun, because immediately after the start there are a lot of advisers. And all watch with bated breath the time the apple go to the girl’s juicy places, she also reacts actively, and sometimes the apple falls, and everything starts over.

Broken telephone
Number of players: five
Extras: None.
From the audience choose five people, four of them out of the room. Fifth give the text: “My father had three sons. The senior was a clever fellow, the average was well, so-so, and the youngest son was a fool. “He should show without words this text to the fourth person, the fourth to the third, the third to the second, and then to the first. Then, from the last person you start inquiring what the text of the story was.

Bring me …
Number of players: the number of guests
Extras: None
The game is very popular in the UK at parties. A facilitator divides all participants into two teams and summons one participant from each team.
Their mission is as follows: at the request of the lead they need to bring him items that he asks. Leading scores and determines the winner. Among the items that will be called, can be a watch, shoes, and any item from the table.
The most important thing is that there was passion and desire to win. The last item that usually a leading asks to bring, is always a woman’s bra.

Number of players: Any
Extras: None
This game is played by everyone. Birthday boy begins whisper very quietly, “meat …” The following spoke a little louder, and so long as you get bored, it comes to specific shouts: “M-E-A-T!”.

The candle burns
Number of players: Any
Optional: belts, wool, thread, a basin of water, candles
Players tie threads to belts, to the ends of which are attached balls of wool. The players put bowl (large bowl) with water, and a little further put a lit candle. Participants will need as quickly as possible without using their hands wet cotton wool, and then with wet cotton wool just to put out a candle.

Portrait of a birthday hero
Number of players: Any
Optional: two sheets of drawing paper, crayons or markers, scarf or thick bandage
The participants are divided into two teams, each team stands in front of its drawing paper. The celebrant sits on a chair, so he/she is well in sight.
The first members of teams are blindfolded and offer to come to the point and draw any part of a portrait of the birthday person. Then a marker/crayon passes to the next person. When the portrait is finished, the celebrant assesses similarities and accepts congratulations.
It can be humorous inscriptions on the portraits  for a memory.

Number of players: Any
Optional: cards on which are written the names of animals.
For each animal, two cards are set up with its name. The number of cards matches the number of players. It is recommended to choose animals that easy to voice – a dog, a cat, a sheep, a cow, a goat, a goose, a rooster, a frog, etc. A leading of the game gives each player a card. Before handing out the cards must be folded so that the players do not see the label before. At the leading’s command all unfold their cards and start voicing their animals, making the appropriate sounds. Most importantly – do not call the animal! The goal of the game is – to find your pair. As soon as the two players find each other, they have to grab the hands and squat.
Loses the couple, who remains standing, when all are sitting on the floor – or the couple that sits on the floor last. Cards are dealt and the game master repeats as long as there will be a couple of winning. Recommended to give the prize which is announced before the game.

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