Future professions

These specializations will be popular in the next ten years.

Analysts say that the labor market will be significantly affected by the automation of production: some specialists will be completely replaced by robots, others will be forced to retrain in view of new tasks. There will be new professions, which now may seem to be an invention of a science fiction writer.

Familiar Professions
The American edition of Business Insider has compiled a list of highly paid professions that will be in demand in the US labor market. To do this, the authors used forecasts of growth in the number of jobs in various occupations until 2026 (data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics) and estimates of average annual income for these specialties. The list includes the following professions: nurse, computer program developer, general and operational managers (plan and coordinate the organization’s activities), financial manager, doctor, accountant and auditor, lawyer, marketing expert, and marketing analyst, management analyst, and health care manager.

Compete with robots
The British Independent, referring to recent studies, writes that the millennials, those who born in the early 1980s – mid-1990s, choose professions where is less chance of replacing people with machines. According to experts, it will be most difficult to automate activities related to people management, decision making, and strategic planning, as well as creative work. Therefore, the following specialists will be able to compete with robots in the future: a chef, a medical worker, a teacher, a specialist in marketing, communications and design, a cybersecurity expert, a logistics specialist, a specialist in the personnel department, a data specialist.

Innovative Professions
The international consulting company Crimson Education also believes that the future is in automation, which by 2025 will result in five million people losing their jobs. However, firm experts say that the professions of the future will be more interesting, focused on the creation of new knowledge and innovation. People will be able to devote more time to research and experimentation. According to Crimson Education, in the near future the following specialists will be in demand: scavenger engineer (developing solutions to the problem of pollution of the planet), consultant on alternative energy (estimating the most optimal energy source for a particular area), earthquake predictor, medical instructor (surgery and other medical procedures), a specialist in growing organs, a memory surgeon (removing unwanted memories), a personal trainer to enhance personal Duality, a specialist in personal Internet security, an instructor in modern aircraft.

Professions in the context of globalization and urbanization
Specialists of the British company Nesta, which is engaged in the development of innovative technologies, say that automation is not the only factor that will change the face of the labor market. By 2030, the professions will change quite strongly, and this will also be affected by globalization, urbanization, population aging and the growth of the green economy (improving people’s well-being while reducing the adverse environmental impact). Over the next ten years, this specialties will come to the fore: teachers, sports therapists, cooks, bartenders and barista, engineers of various specialties (electricians, builders, programmers, environmentalists), salespeople, designers, marketing specialists, and writers.

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