Five Surprising Facts about Infidelity

When you gather courage and want to diversify boring family routine with fantastic love affair, primarily read our article.

1. Treason and Internet.
You do not know with whom to cheat on- ask a search engine. The survey showed that 30% of Internet users go to social networks, not for search classmates, but to look for partners for casual sex. Some do it: 10% of people have had sex with at least ten partners. 80% of users found that the Internet has had a positive influence on their lives.

2. Treason and IQ.
Scientists have found out that men with a higher IQ change their partners less than ones with lower IQ. For women, this principle does not apply for some reason.

3. Treason and DNA.
A man is more likely able to determine whether his partner cheated on him. This is due solely to genes – the ability to recognize betrayal lies in a person’s DNA.

4. Betrayal and morality.
Adultery – the mortal sin, according to the Americans. According to the research center, 88% of the U.S. population believes adultery amorality of immoral acts (on the second and third are, respectively, non-payment of taxes and drunkenness).

5. About a harm of infidelity.
If the previous four facts you have not yet realized that we are for a healthy and trusting relationship, know: betrayal – it is a proven and reliable way to destroy all the accumulated for years. Only 35% infidelities do not end in divorce.

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