Figure Weight Loss

How to make the waist thinner? Even the strictest diets do not always help gaining graceful waist. Stomach gains weight quickly, but loses difficult. Exercises are not always effective. And even persistence does not always guarantee the result, if a person has problems with the venous and lymphatic system. For this reason, the metabolism slows down, and the toxins and excess fluid accumulates in the tissues.
By the summer season, women are striving to improve the shape for the beach in order demonstrates confidently the bravest swimsuit. But the summer is over, and you want to save the figure for the whole year. What to do?

At your service there are health and wellness programs of hardware cosmetology. But they must be used skillfully.
First you should consult your doctor. Detailed discussion with the physician consultant is the first and necessary step towards the improvement of the shape. Only a specialist, well knowledgeable in the capabilities of the latest programs, will help you to navigate among the many procedures and find your own path to beauty. Then the result is reliable, and the effort and money you spend minimal.
When choosing a figure weight loss program it is important to take into account the age, body peculiarities and especially health condition. Achieving the desired figure weight loss depends on the density of the “orange peel” on the thighs, on the condition of the muscle tissue beneath the fat layer. After fat drives away, you might want to have an elastic body, like athletes, and the skin – fresh and smooth. It is possible, of course, if you choose the right sequence and combination of procedures for correction.

The secret is an individually selected combination of myostimulation, electro, seaweed wraps, pressure therapy and manual massage.
Begin the attack from sea mud wraps and algae – to them even the hard, fibrous cellulite of fourth degree is receded.
After fatty lumps are broken, the liquid, which gives extra volume, must be taken out.
To do this, you should be wrapped in the anti-cellulite armor for pressure therapy session.
Pressure therapy affects the lymphatic system with compressed air supplied through a special device. Pressure is dosed by computer. The method makes it possible to significantly reduce the volume of the body, improve skin elasticity, prevent veins varicose, relieves swelling and heaviness in the legs, improves peristalsis, and by increasing blood circulation in the pelvis increases the potency.

This is an intensive massage, which expels the excess fluid from the body. Even after one session muscle tone is improved. Under the influence of such pneumo massage blood circulation increases and the skin becomes more elastic and much fresher.
Sometimes to enhance the action of pressure therapy requires manual massage.
Now you have to take care of the body elasticity. The course of myostimulation procedures will help. No wonder this procedure is called “stadium on the couch.”
Muscle toning is a combination of massage and exercises. Under the influence of impulses muscles are spontaneously reduced. This “exercise” increases blood flow, stimulates the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, improves lymphatic flow.
Great result gives elektrolipoliz, based on the effects of low-frequency current. It outputs from cells toxic products of metabolism and excess fluid.
Become slim beauty today is not a problem. To lose weight and achieve a beautiful figure is enough to consult a doctor at the beauty salon and pick up an individual program of figure weight loss and correction of body shapes.

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