Female Character

Female character and alcohol

CHAMPAGNE –  Usually prefer young coquette, favorably received
courtesies. Big fan of chocolate. They drink a lot,
get drunk immediately.

COGNAC –  A drink of middle-aged women they
want warmth, attention, and sweet for a snack like chocolate or ice cream with coconut. The lovers of cognac have all other desires on their faces.

VODKA –  Choose willed, determined and
concrete ladies, that prefer clarity. They do not hide secret desires, virtually intoxicated.
Dinner usually ends with the phrase: “Well, man, go? ”

WHISKEY –  A duty drink of  the confident
uncomplexed women capable of shock,
extraordinary actions, and other extravagance with an unpredictable ending.
Get drunk slowly, but they do things, which they do not like to remember the next morning.

TEQUILA WITH SALT –  Use nature wild, extravagant and slightly lewd natures. They drink a lot, cut down – instantly.

ROM COLA –  Lovers prefer bold experiments, always ready to try something fresh. They love to dream and mix drinks in the most unexpected and not always reasonable proportions. If they can stop in time, quickly become sober and disappear.

GIN AND TONIC –  Choose the ladies who tend to be a poor judge of alcohol. obviously
underestimating the hellish mixture and quickly get drunk, wake up the next morning with a headache in a strange bed, and try to remember: what was yesterday?

RED WINE –  Drink passionate, emotional and reckless women who
know how to hide the fire of sexual desire and erotic fantasies. Have a look of a schoolgirl, in the soul – odalisque.

WHITE WINE –   Women who are aware of their worth, slightly cold. They are in no hurry to do stupidity, careful, almost always sober and prudent.

LIQUEUR –  The ladies who do not drink a lot, inexperienced, not ready to take on
an initiative, but secretly looking forward to: “Well, when he
makes the first step? “Get drunk quickly, to spasms in the stomach. Next morning
swear that never again with anyone, anywhere, ever …

BEER –  A drink for women who are not very ambitious, ready, if necessary, to share with a friend man meal, bed and have children. Thrifty housewives, good coworkers.

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