Exhilarating pleasure?

One of the most unexpected is the fact that a person does not enjoy smoking. This remains one of the most controversial statements in this regard.

As the most avid smokers admit, the first cigarette in their life caused only a deterioration of health, nausea, dizziness and, above all, left a disgusting taste. This is also what scientists say about it, according to which the “pleasure” of tobacco – is just a habit associated with the ritual of smoking, and nothing more.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that even if all these misconceptions are true, none of them are worthwhile to continue smoking. However, here are a few more curious facts about smoking that may affect your decision to get rid of this harmful habit:

  • In ten years, smoker “smokes” a new car;
  • An unquenched cigarette is responsible for a quarter of all domestic fires;
  • Almost every smoker shortens his life by 10-12 years. During this time, you can take your grandson to the first grade and be with him when you get your certificate;
  • Urine is often used in the production of cigarettes to give the smell of smoke;
  • Less than one in ten smokers manages to break with this harmful habit.

Besides, doctors have another, much less eloquent definition for this condition. Smoking only “slows down” the most important parts of the nervous system – there is no talk of any relaxation here. On the other hand, a person, having got hooked on nicotine, cannot relax without a cigarette.

Relax or weakness?

“Cigarettes relax me,” smokers often say. In fact, things are very different. According to numerous studies, nothing that is in the cigarette has a calming effect on a person.

Stress or weight?

The belief that smoking helps to stay thin is not true in practice. As the myth that smokers are often excused for, once they get rid of tobacco, they are simply overweight.
Most likely, such a thought of smokers is pushed by the fact that people who have got rid of nicotine addiction, the taste sensibility is restored and even the most common dishes seem to them to be much more tasty. And often former smokers start, let say, to “eat stress” at the very time that they used to spend on cigarettes. There is no other reason to get better after giving up nicotine.

Don’t halt .

One of these misconceptions is to give up tobacco with a chewing gum. It turns out that such advice and can play a cruel joke with those who once and for all decided to get rid of the addiction. At the same time, trying to “interrupt” the unpleasant smell of tobacco from the mouth with mint gum – also not an option. Scientists are sure: the more intense the taste of mint is in the chewing gum, the sooner the smoker will have a desire to smoke again.

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