Duel with jealousy

If you are jealous

Duel with jealousy
The sense of ownership over the other deprived of sleep and rest, the person ceases to be himself. In general, harass himself, harassing those who are near …

If you are jealous

Remember that any message about the cheating must be initially questioned, even if you brought documentaries. It could be fabricated! This was done even in Shakespeare’s time (think of Othello, Desdemona’s handkerchief that had been tossed). It is a breeze compare to modern technology. Maybe they want to blackmail you or upset your marital happiness?
Even if you caught your mate in an uncertain situation, first, make your head cold. In the heat of the first things, you can take actions, which then regret. And to correct the situation will be difficult or impossible.

The best cure for jealousy – not to humiliate the spouse, and raise your own importance, love, and respect.

Remember that jealousy is an unconscious feeling, and it is useless to appeal to reason or trying to prove something to him now from the logical point of view. If you were to arrange jealousy, that is a signal: “you do not trust”. You do not have to answer or cry. Speak quietly, preferably at a time when the jealous calms down.
Sometimes the suspicions turn into delusions of jealousy. Then jealous (whether male or female) do not have any evidence and he (she) cannot be dissuaded. In this case, you need to protect yourself, especially physically. And do not forget about the children. They could be in danger, too, from the man mad with jealousy.
Alas, it is safer to leave the latter at all, because the temporary absence only inflames suspicions.
Jealousy is always destructive and dangerous feeling. So remember that living with a pathologically jealous spouse, you are actually sitting on a powder keg with a lit fuse. And when it explodes – not foresee.


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