Deadly male diseases that it is impossible for them to find treatment

In recent years, modern science has made a major breakthrough in the field of medicine. Scientists around the world claim that they have found ways to fight HIV, and many types of oncology. In the near future, there will be an operation to transplant a human head to a new body. And yet there are diseases that literally confuse doctors. The nature of their origin is so incomprehensible and it is impossible for them to select a treatment. But the most amazing thing is that most of these incredible illnesses affect men.

Kawasaki Syndrome

For the first time, an acute febrile disease was described in 1961 by the Japanese pediatrician Kawasaki, which characterized by lesions of the coronary vessels with the possible formation of aneurysm, blood clots and rupture of the vascular walls. Then he found that the disease occurs only in boys and only at the age of one to three and a half years. A little later, many other Japanese and then Chinese doctors found that on their own. This disease does not go away and characterized with high fever, conjunctivitis, erythema and obligatory severe heart complications.

And there is no cardinal treatment for this strange infection. How and why it arises is also incomprehensible. At first, the doctors at the hospital of the Medical Faculty of Tokyo University found that the infection is probably hereditary and is distributed only among Asian nationalities. But at the beginning of our century, it was already diagnosed in ethnic Europeans. In January 2009, the son of actor John Travolta, Jett died, who had been diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome a few years before.  Domestic doctors cannot give any comforting forecasts to their parents. There is no the world of adult men who survive this disease.

Tremena syndrome

Doctors call this terrible disease verruciform epidermodysplasia. Giant hard warts grow in humans, in some areas of the skin, or even on the whole body. They grow together among themselves and form an ugly hard shell on the skin, entirely composed of papilloma viruses. Writer and screenwriter George Martin described this particular disease in his novel “The Game of Thrones” called “gray illness”, through which there were “stone people”. But according to his idea, the infection occurred through touch and people of both sex were amazed.

German dermatologists Felix Lewandowski and Wilhelm Lutz described verrciform epidermodysplasia in the middle of the last century. It develops only in men of Indonesian origin during or immediately after puberty and is partly a hereditary disease. No medications help to those who affected by Tremen syndrome. Verruciform epidermodysplasia eventually develops into cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, metastasis penetrates into the internal organs and the person dies. At the beginning of our century, patients who were affected by the epidermodysplasia of Lewandowsky-Lutz started to receive relatively successful surgery’s on cutting papilloma viruses. After that they grow back, but not in such numbers. In 2007, this disease was first reported not from an Indonesian, but from a European. In 2013, former president of the American Academy of Dermatology Dr. Stephen Stone operated one man of Romanian origin. The scientist found out that the disease occurs on the basis of mutation of certain genes, not necessarily found only in Indonesians, but associated with the Y chromosome. Why a mutation occurs is unknown. At the moment, the affected Romanian man is still alive, although his body is again slowly covered with papilloma viruses.


This rare hereditary disease has been well known to doctors all over the world for several centuries, but there is still no radical treatment. The disease is transmitted through the female line, but only men suffer from it. From an early age, they have spontaneous and uncontrollable bleeding, bleeding into the joints, muscles and internal organs.

At the same time, there are no coagulants ,as part of their blood,  that are naturally present in all people. Accordingly, the bleeding does not stop itself, even boys and men suffering from this disease can die from a single scratch in a matter of minutes. Very often the cause of death in such patients is sudden hemorrhages in the brain, and they are absolutely impossible to predict and prevent. Hereditary hemophilia suffered from many European kings and princes, including the last Russian Tsarevich Alexei, and all because they were descendants of Queen Victoria. The Governor of Great Britain, Ireland and India did not even know about the existence of such a disease.
Today, treatment of patients with hemophilia is carried out with the help of hemostatic replacement therapy with concentrates of coagulation factors. But as soon as the patient leaves the clinic, his own blood gradually restores heritable characteristics and the deadly symptoms return. More recently, scientists from the University Hospital of Heidelberg (Germany) stated that they had over a hundred patients who were diagnosed with non-hereditary hemophilia. A gene mutation leading to the development of this disease manifested itself in European men whose parents were not carriers of this disease. German doctors claim that the percentage of deaths in such patients is much lower. But why and how they developed hemophilia, there are no answers.

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