Dale Carnegie’s suggestions

THIS IS CONTINUATION OF ARTICLE  “Carnegie’s useful and harmful ideas”

Despite the fact that Dale Carnegie wrote his famous books many years ago, many of their tips are still working.

♦Rule #7. Let your mind be filled with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope, for our lives are what we think of them.

Yes, our life is what we think of it and how we think of it, our inner reality. The main thing is that it does not contradict the reality of the outer world.

If you think that the world is an evil one, negative events will definitely occur on your way and you will meet the corresponding people: no matter what happens, you will see everything through your own prism. And vice versa: if a person is able to be surprised, to love, to rejoice at what is happening, his life will be amazing, joyful, surrounded by love and warmth. It is for this reason that Carnegie invites us to think about peace, courage, and health.

♦Rule #8. Never try to get even with your enemies, because if you do, you will hurt yourself much more. Let’s follow the example of General Eisenhower: “let’s not lose a minute thinking about people who are unpleasant to us.”

Of course, people should be forgiven, it’s silly to keep offending someone for years. It is important to remember your traitors and the facts of their deeds. Do not run around with what happened all your life, but just take note of it, so as not to step on the same rake twice.

♦Rule #9. Instead of worrying about ingratitude, don’t expect gratitude. Remember that Jesus healed 10 lepers in one day and only one thanked him. Why should we expect to be more thankful than Christ?

That is correct. Do not do good deeds so that someone may thank you. The joy of helping someone has done a good deed, much deeper than the joy of reciprocity. A simple “thank you” is enough to thank you. Don’t expect the praises to be sung in your honor. Goodness is only real when it is done unselfishly.

♦Rule #10. Keep score luck, not trouble.

Exactly right! If you focus on your mistakes all the time, you will consider yourself a loser. Do not devalue yourself, otherwise, you will never move. It is better to think about what a good job you have done, what you have done today, what you have achieved. I don’t encourage you to write it all down on paper, just to praise yourself in your mind, but in a way that gives you a positive emotion inside. The main thing is not to do it automatically. Any experience is important and works for the future result.

♦Rule #11. Don’t imitate others, find yourself and be yourself, for envy is ignorance and imitation is suicide.

In my opinion, there is only a little truth in this rule. There is another view: if you don’t know who you are, find the images you like and try them on for yourself. When a person has nothing to rely on in life (and this happens at any age), a good way to cope with the problem at the beginning is by imitation. The main thing is not to “hang out” at this stage. At some point, you still have to give up stereotypes and repetition after someone, but you have to form a strong “I”!

Rule #12. Have a rest before you get tired.

I support this position, but I will immediately notice that few people can afford to live like this. What’s more, for example, young people need time pressure, they need it, it gives them a feeling of bubbling life, happiness. Rest before the end of the “fall”, or, if you want, live on the “relaxation” of mature individuals who have already realized that the work on the wear and tear can end in death. These people understood the main thing: you have to let yourself stop and just enjoy life.

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