Cut soap on camera. WHY?

There are more and more videos on the web every day where people cut soap with a knife. Many people do not understand what this trend is and continue to remain in the dark. But it turns out that such videos are loved to watch to calm down.
Soap cutting is a kind of AIPS video that can relax and soothe, and it also helps to cope with anxiety. The main fans of these videos talk about the effect they get after watching them – mainly tingling in the back of the head, which causes tingling sensations on the neck and back.

The large Video channels that cut soap have about half a million subscribers, and the video has more than 20 million views.
In addition to soap-sliced videos, the videos are also very popular, where you can hear sounds during the conversation. The authors who produce the videos try to catch the viewer and listener with special triggers – these are the sounds and situations that make the viewer feel like they’re in AIPS. According to statistics, the most popular videos are those where a person whispers something into the microphone.
Also a lot of views were given to the videos where people spend half an hour looking through the beads or knocking their nails on the box. And there are those where the AHML-artist talks to the viewer for a long time in a whisper and tries to feel sorry for him or to calm him down.
Users of the Network were divided in opinion, some criticized the video: “How can you watch it”, “God, how disgusting. Others, on the contrary, were delighted: “It makes me so emotional that it’s even scary.

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