Christening Favors

Many people invited to a christening ritual face a dilemma what christening favors to give.

Baptism is a wonderful mystery that connects man and God, which opens the way to a baptized wonderful life. Baptism gives hope and faith. Unusual in its depth and power, it brings together all members of the family.
The ritual tries to hold as soon as possible. But often the person is baptized in adult age.
Unlikely is that the child is baptized by his/her parents. Tradition choose godparents came from the deep past, when reigned turbulent times, turmoil, high mortality rate – if the baby’s family went into trouble, then the responsibility for the little man passed to the god parents.
Godparents’ approach to the issue of gifts for a godson or a goddaughter is extremely responsible, because baptism only happens once in a lifetime.

What godparents can give as christening favors?
The first thing that godparents can present – is a cross. No matter from what material it was made silver, gold or plain aluminum. Importantly, it is given from pure heart. Many people mistakenly think that the more expensive the cross, the more powerful it will be which is fundamentally wrong – anyone, even a wooden cross, is not far behind in their golden grace. Who gives a cross – a godmother or a godfather? In fact, it does not matter. Godparents can share expenses equally and buy a cross.
One of the main symbols of baptism is the death of sin. In baptism a person is reborn for a righteous life with the Lord. Therefore godparents are acting agents, give godson new clothes. It is necessarily to present new towels or cloth for wiping a baby after bathing in the holy water. Set of clothing includes shirt.
The best gift from a godson or a goddaughter is one that is made with love by hand. It is not difficult to make a shirt for the baby; a special beauty of this gift can be delicate embroidery. Technique is not difficult, but it is such a memory!
Towels for baptism decorated with valances. In the old days, this fillet crochet knitting was very common and is now making up for lost time. Performing valances does not take long, even for inexperienced craftswomen, and the result is a truly magnificent.
For baby, gifts should be soaked with a spirit of warm baptism. Of course, this may be just the icon, children’s Bible, Psalms and other sacred books. The correct approach to the education of a christening baby will bring out a worthy Christian.
Baptism symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, so a great gift from godparents can become comfortable baby night lamp or a set of scented candles.
It has become a tradition to give a silver spoon. It will be baby’s first spoon and solid foods can be introduced with its help.

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