Choose and eat the right sweets

5 tricks that allow you not to exclude sweets from the menu. Chocolate and marshmallows can be useful, experts are sure. Sweet or not – a dilemma that tortures many. On the one hand, chocolate bars and cakes spoil the figure and teeth and also lead to sharp fluctuations in blood sugar. On the other hand, without fast carbohydrates, it is also difficult to exist, especially if the body needs an emergency refill. Doctors are sure that not always sweet is harmful. The main thing is correctly to choose and eat it.

Trick one. Useful products only.

It is necessary to clearly understand that all sweets are divided into useful and harmful. And, of course, without prejudice to health, there is only one option. It includes, first of all, all fruits – the most delicious and healthy dessert! But in this list, there is also quality chocolate, in which the content of cocoa beans is not less than 50%, or even better – 70% and more. As a rule, these are bitter varieties. A couple of slices of this treat a day helps to maintain copper, such an indispensable element for the body.

Also among the useful sugars – natural honey, marshmallow, and marmalade can remove heavy and harmful metal ( Lead ) from the body.

Harmful sweets include everything else – milk chocolate with a high content of fats and sugar, cakes and other baked goods, which have in its composition oil, wheat flour, yeast. These products have a negative impact on the pancreas. She has to take on loads many times more than normal, which leads to the depletion of the cells that produce insulin. As a result of this hormone is released more than usual, develops resistance to insulin of all cells in the body, except for fat. This is why there is a rapid gain of weight, and sugar in the course of a simple biochemical process turns into fats, which are deposited in traditionally problematic areas.

Trick two. Sweets until 2:00 p.m.

If you really want to, you can eat sweets even if you are on diet. But… only before lunch. A couple of chocolate slices or one marshmallow, eaten before 2:00 p.m., will be successfully processed and assimilated by the body. But do not think that only after this time, all carbohydrate food goes to the sides and hips. All carbohydrates will accumulate and turn into fats if consumed incorrectly. The “safe” consumption of carbohydrate in the morning is determined by the loss of energy in sleep and physical activity in the evening. Accordingly, if you are going to sit on a chair all day or lie on the couch, you will have to abstain from sweets.

Trick three. Cakes and candy and no tea.

If you drink tea with chocolate, you can lose control and eat, for example, not a couple of slices, but a bar. The reason for this is that tea dilutes the sweetness and makes it less concentrated. In general, you should drink and eat separately. It is better to drink half an hour before and half an hour after the meal. Then you will not only eat too much but also will be able to maintain your water balance in normal condition, which helps to accelerate the excretion of decay products from the body.

It is also worth considering the fact that the liquid, such as tea, getting into the stomach with the food, dilutes the stomach juice and damages digestion. In addition, bakery products contain a trace element of manganese, which as a result of chemical reaction with tea simply ceases to be absorbed.

Trick four. Desserts – aside.

The consumption of sweets should be spread over time with other meals. Traditional afternoon dessert is actually extremely dangerous for the body. After all, a person already gets the vitality of the calories with the food. Therefore, sweets, eaten by inhalation, will be a heavy burden. It will not be assimilated fully and will be processed into extra insulin and kilograms. Both are extremely harmful to health.

Trick fifth. Refusal sugar drinks.

Rarely anyone thinks that packaged juices are very harmful to health. After all, the amount of sugar in it literally eliminates all the benefits of fruit. It is better to use natural freshly squeezed juices that contain natural sugar – and this amount will be quite enough for the body to get the proper nourishment. But don’t forget to dilute the freshly squeezed juice with water in the ratio of 1:1, otherwise the stomach can be damaged and there will be little benefit from it.

Well, you shouldn’t blame yourself if you’ve eaten an extra treat. It is better to just “work off” extra calories. Go to the gym, climb the stairs or just take a walk before bedtime. As an option, you can just reduce the calorie content of food tomorrow to get the necessary balance.

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