Character Education Worksheets

Regarding  Dr. Nadi Reysland’s character education worksheets (the team leader), these results suggest that yawning may occur in healthy fetuses. In addition, the researchers found that the number of yawns declines as “maturation of the fetus.”The ability of the fetus yawns in the womb, along with the ability to hiccup, swallow and stretch, indicate a certain level of his/her mental and physical development, said researchers from the Universities of Durham and Lancaster (UK). Scientists have learned that a child in the womb can yawn.

In their character education worksheets, the researchers studied 15 healthy fetuses video recordings in the format of 4D, to find out, can an unborn baby yawns or just opens his mouth, as some believe.

The study was conducted with the participation of women with gestation of 24 to 36 weeks. Eight of them were waiting for the girl, and seven – boy. According to their criteria, scientists have characterized that more than half of the cases of fetuses lips openings as yawns, and the difference in their frequency between boys and girls was not noted.
Now the function of fetus yawning is still unclear, but the researchers believe that it may be a factor in fetal development and be a sign of the baby’s health.

“Unlike us, the embryo can not yawn contagiously and yawning because he/she wants to sleep. Conversely, the frequency of yawning in the womb may be associated with the early development of the brain during fetal development,” – she said.

Previously, scientists have found that women high blood pressure during pregnancy can affect the intellectual capacity of the child in conscious age.

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