Child Health

Would You like to “order” the sex of a child?

World genetics at the Institute of Genetics of Fairfax (Virginia, USA) has been finally solved… Read More

TEST: Will you be friends with the child?

Will you be able to be a friend with your child when he becomes a… Read More

How children are raised in different countries

Lessons of obedience. How children are raised in different countries. Every nation has its own… Read More

Suicidal moods in teenagers

Choosing death. What drives teenagers to suicide. From time to time, teenage suicide epidemics erupt… Read More

Pain after a cold or hot meal

  Hypersensitivity of teeth: what is it and how to treat it? More than half… Read More

What’s the risk of obesity for a child?

Childhood obesity: Why is the child getting fat? Why do kids get fat and what's… Read More

Anger management

Anger management. How quickly can you calm down and not get angry? Anger, fury, aggression… Read More

Light spots on your teeth

You can see carries even on your own. As a rule, these are dark-colored spots… Read More

Children copy their parents’ behavior

Life is for likes. Does it make sense to post photos of your children on… Read More

Bullying or Instinct

How to find out what is being bullied at school, how to stop bullying and… Read More

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