Crucifixion, Picasso, 1930

History of the painting Two Russian thinkers rated Picasso's works as "icons of the abyss",… Read More

Lovers, Picasso, 1919

Many experts call this picture both mysterious and programmatic. It is mysterious because of the… Read More

Mother and child. Picasso, 1921

Picasso's series of works on motherhood is known to have stirred up the European newspapers.… Read More

Figures on the beach. Picasso 1931

In his long essay on kissing, the American physiologist Sveb comes to the conclusion,  that… Read More

The Big Naked One in the Red Armchair. PICASSO.1929

"Several directions in my work should not be considered as evolution or as a step… Read More

Learning PICASSO! Acrobat. 1930.

Acrobat. 1930 In 1925, Picasso took part in a group exhibition of surrealists - from… Read More

How to read PICASSO? The girl on the ball. 1905.

The girl on the ball. 1905 Picasso on the one hand is a communist, a… Read More

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