Cancer Horoscope

SIGNS of the Zodiac
(June 21 – July 22)

According to mythology, the cancer dug up with its claws in Hercules’s leg, as it wrestled with many-headed Hydra. When the cancer was killed, hated Hercules Hera (Juno) returned thanks to a creation that placed it in the sky.
In early astrology the constellation symbol was a picture of cancer. Modern symbol that denotes claws sometimes explained as an image of twist sperm, and thus the sign of the male and female means “beginning.”

Skillful housekeeping, sensitivity, loyalty and strong emotions. The strongest sign of water, more successful for the women, as the strongest of all the other characters associated with the house and brings physical and psychological vulnerability. To protect themselves from emotional trauma, often looking for safety and security in loneliness, it is even sadder that the cancer is strong need for family and home. And his/her life will not be perfect without a family.

He/she can do everything for the sake of security and stability. Rarely put money on the card. He/she does not like to take risks. Money is handled with care and, as a rule, does not bring confidence. Always pay debts and waiting for the same from others.

Often experience complex emotions. That gives the impression of having as a spiritual force, as helpless as a baby. This is explained by the fact that the sun is in this sign reverses direction and begins to move again to the south, the celestial things turn back, as does cancer.
Cancer is generally friendly, but the changeable Moon makes it a kind and honest (especially when in front of his/her eyes, a definite purpose), then again, melancholic, introverted, reserved.
Cancer has diplomatic skills, often reaches a goal. However, if the cancer is feeling hurt, can behave foolishly, in this state cannot cooperate with others. Behaves childishly stubborn – this is one of the major drawbacks of Cancer, with whom he/she must overcome. Make a calm and gentle impression, but his/her thoughts and feelings hard to read, he/she is not available to many, so often cancer is not understood.

Children are naturally sweet, lovely, gentle and willing to help. Cancer- parents radiate warmth. But there is a certain danger. They want to have those they love, just for themselves. Family tradition and history means a lot to a Cancer. They are patriots; they have a wonderful memory that belongs to the tradition.
Mental and physical ailments are trying to avoid by any means, and – since the order and cleanliness of their distinctive qualities – they cannot stand the cases without absolute purity.
Prefer refined atmosphere. Cancers have a strong imagination, for it is often better to think less about their illnesses. They should be able to say yes and no, watch their mood, fight intolerance, timidity, over-sensitivity. Master of the art of passive resistance, it is their effective weapon against unpleasant people.

Cancers can be only managed in a friendly way, because if they feel pressure – stiffen. They do not like to be advised and want to solve everything themselves, they are downright frightening thoughts of other people. Cancers are sometimes afraid of responsibility, but the important work perform accurate, reliable, punctual, successfully.

Motto: “I feel.”

More commonly associated with: Taurus, Scorpio

Average compatibility with: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Leo

Less commonly associated with: Libra, Capricorn

Born under this sign: Rembrandt van Rijn, Julius Caesar, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Ernest Hemingway, Marc Chagall.

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