Cabbage Soup Diet

More Cabbage Soup –  Less Weight

One of the diets, which certainly deserve attention, is the cabbage soup diet. Cabbage soup becomes a main product in it. Other names of this diet are «Mayo Clinic Program» and «Sacred Heart Hospital Diet». But its first title “cabbage soup diet” still more precisely reflects the idea. This diet is the fact that within a week to eat only cabbage soup – but plenty. Empty, that is meatless soup – low-calorie food, but since there can be any amount; you don’t have to starve plus fasting. That is to be fed, and lean. Of course, you can eat something else, but even then it is important to keep the proportions: allowed fruit, vegetables, meat and milk, low-fat. The diet is based also on the fact that the body should not be short of water. One thing to avoid is alcohol. But the water in the diet should be many: two liters – is a daily norm. Increased water consumption has beneficial effect on the body: the work of the gastrointestinal tract is improved, metabolism is active, the number of calories burned faster.

During this diet do not need some special training and lead a more sedentary life. In order to maintain the tone of a day is recommended to walk for half an hour three times a week.

The main thing is to observe a diet for seven days, and only these measures involve weight loss of 4.5 kg. You can achieve great results, but only with a two-week break, as if to sit on a cabbage soup diet longer than 7 days, the body can begin to receive less number of vitamins and minerals. An alternation of this diet with the usual diet will remove only as many pounds as you think necessary. To support the body is useful to add vitamins in food. Owing to the low nutrient diet this cannot be done as your regular food system – it still cannot be considered as a healthy mode. The downside of this diet is that cabbage soup is unlikely to find in places to eat, so you will have to prepare it by yourself. Also, this diet can be an unpleasant because of the weak dietary diversity, but an abundance of fiber and low fat will be present for the body relaxation, improves intestinal peristalsis, will the natural cleansing of the body. Importantly, cabbage soup diet is a fairly effective way to get the desired shape to any celebration or event.

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